Monday, April 3, 2017

Visiting the Flower Fields

A week or so ago we entertained my mom's plea to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields. And, as is usually the case, I am glad we did. Why are we always so reluctant, despite their reliable success rates, to honor our mother's requests? This will come back to get me, I know it will. The Flower Fields were the perfect activity for a toddler and a "pregnant lady" wanting outdoor time and exercise in just the right amounts. They were perfect for a photographer and loving, landscape enthusiast, doting grandparents. They were perfect for local San Diegans wanting to play tourist and learn more about the area they inhabit. We took the vintage tractor out to the northern corner of the 50 acre fields of giant ranunculus and explored and took photos before we took it back. Avalon collected dirt and trash and ran up and down the hills. There was $5 ice cream and goat's milk soap and a collection of local goods traders.

I wanted to put some of the pictures here in case anyone else in the area or visiting it was looking for a fun, family friendly activity to do this spring. 4/5 stars (5 stars always being the beach).

+Open March 1st-May 14th, 2017
+Visit the website for more
+most photos by Scott

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  1. What a beautiful spot. That field of flowers is sensational. Glad you had a good time, it's always lovely to find good new things to do in your local area. Hope you are blooming. CJ xx


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