Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just Above Sea Level: 1st Drone Surf Footage

When I said that Scott got a cleaned out dresser, a new tie and khakis for his birthday I might not have been telling the whole story. Being in your thirties, or any decade for that matter, doesn't mean you're too old for toys, and I'll always believe that. He also got a drone a few days later (I had to keep it a secret). You only need or want so many things once you're an adult with your own Amazon Prime account and so, our families and I decided a group gift would be best for Scott this year. It was. He was up reading the manual by flashlight at 2 a.m. the night he got his drone. Anytime we're driving by a field or a train track or a power plant he says something along the lines of "That would be cool to look at from the perspective of the drone". Avalon is not even two and yet, she knows the word drone. She requests "drone-drone peas!" when Scott gets home. And of course, I haven't been left out of the action. Scott is able to film me from the cliff of my parents' backyard while I surf. This is the first footage from that. 

+As for the drone, I knew this was the right one because our friend Craig Coker, a professional photographer and videographer, told me so. Scott had been waiting for its release for months. Craig has the same one and has filmed car commercials, stunning sunsets and the like with his. 
+here is the affiliate Amazon link to the drone, the DJI Mavic Pro. So far it's everything we wanted and more. And it's so small and sturdy! If you buy it via this link I will be forever indebted to you and also grateful beyond words.
+more to come
+select 1080p for the best quality

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  1. What a brilliant gift. And you're right, none of us is ever too old for a good toy. Love the footage from its maiden voyage, a fantastic viewpoint. I hope he has fun with it. CJ xx


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