Friday, March 31, 2017

Today (and the Rest)

Last night, after putting Avalon to bed, I mentioned to Scott that "Isn't it funny how she sleeps with the 'Grammy Blanket' I used to sleep with at your old apartment in Mission?" I was never a pacifier or thumb kid, always and forever a blanket girl. I believe he said something along the lines of "Huh" and then continued flipping through a boating magazine.
[editor's note: he says he also replied "that's cool"] 

We celebrated his birthday Wednesday and will continue to do so this weekend. There was a restaurant, a restless baby, a distracted waiter, a cold swim in the sun, and a fairly normal day of him going to work and me reassembling the house on repeat. He got a tie, some pants for work and picture painted by Avalon. We did not, however, focus on how time goes so remarkably fast. I don't think you always should.

During Avalon's nap time I remained in denial about the early signs of yet another head cold by re-organizing all of Scott's dresser drawers. Yes, for his birthday this year I gave away a bunch of his hand-me-down t-shirts and Casual Friday work shorts he's never worn. It was, in all honesty, a gift to us both, although I am framing it as 'The gift that keeps on giving'. He was sincerely thrilled and loved the work pants. Age 32, and here we are.

I have been pregnant once before (you may recall). A lot of it was characterized by figuring out what I could still do, but also mainly by tackling an unending to-do list in an effort to retain some control over my rapidly changing life. I have that same urge this time, in fact, the girl's room (still so weird and exciting to say!) will be completely repainted in a fresh coat of Simple- 'No VOC'-White this very morning. There is a new rug, a re-decorated mobile, a few new, old photos, but mostly I am trying to adopt and embrace the mindset that whatever is coming will always be somewhat of a surprise and therefore the only real thing to do is to learn how adapt quickly; To change course at a moment's notice without making a big wake, to focus on what's right in front of you (it's Scott's birthday, so boat metaphors seemed appropriate). 

And so, maybe this is why I will not dive deeply into the archives of my heart this birthday season and I will simply think of it as a time to re-fresh. We will save some favorite hole-y t-shirts and loved blankets, but put a fresh coat of paint on. 

To be more specific: today we will surf, tomorrow we will buy toddler beds and look into preschool. 

p.s. the recipe pictured comes from Love and Lemons, my cooking inspiration of the moment. Happy weekend!

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  1. Yes, one day at a time is the name of the game sometimes. Introspection can be a bit much I find. Hope Scott had a good birthday and that you have a lovely weekend. Well done for a little decluttering, that always makes me feel good. LOVE that watering can. I shall have to get mine out soon. CJ xx


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