Friday, February 24, 2017


I knew the storm had been gone for days and that the next one wouldn't be here for a few more, but the ocean can be so intimidating even when it's still, like a dead spider. 

The waves were olive green, which I consider shark water. The Discovery channel always likes to point out how most attacks happen by accident when the sharks are unable to see that a human isn't a blubbery seal. The sky looked busy, like it didn't even have time for its half-sister the ocean, let alone for me. The birds were occupied too, but they always are. They look at you like you're in their world, but they don't know or care why; unless you have Doritos. Then they will care enough about you to get in an amazingly public brawl with their friends just to maybe get one bite of a damp, disheveled hotdog bun. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. I came here to say that today I went surfing while my dad watched Avalon. He came all the way down to San Diego to watch her so the mermaid in me could have the best of both of her worlds. My mom does this all the time, too. I think sometimes it feels like mother's do so much for us that it almost becomes ordinary, even though it's the opposite.

Today I felt like one of those robots you make as a kid out of empty cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls and not sticky enough tape. My arms didn't feel like they belonged to my body. Even my teeth were cold! But still, it's always so good; a special occasion to feel completely inanimate and then the exact opposite.

{+my wetsuit is by roxy from wetsuit wearhouse :}

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  1. It looks amazing out there. The weather has been wild here too. We had a storm called Doris - we've taken to naming our storms as well now. Doris doesn't sound right for a storm to me. Delilah would have been better. All wild and reckless. It's lovely that your parents come and help out and are in your lives. And it's lovely how much you appreciate it. Hope you're having a good weekend. CJ xx


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