Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Memories

Yesterday, on our walk home from the park, I pointed out how the wind was blowing from the north to Avalon, who was huddled into her stroller under a fleece blanket with pink cheeks. "A storm's coming," I told her, like we were standing on the bow of an old ship looking for Moby Dick.  

The full moon was rising up in the pink sky right behind the hill to the east of us. I thought about that line from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that says the sun looked like a giant pat of butter on top of a mashed potato hill. 

Today Scott called me on his lunch break and told me he was on his way to Chipotle. I started chanting "Norovirus. Norovirus" over and over again. "Stop chanting Norovirus!" he said. He's had it once before so he knows the true difficulty that is trying to ride the train home or replanting the backyard for a baby shower while suffering from a food borne illness. I just really wanted him to have a good (non-life threatening) reason to stay home and be taken care of.

Last year he sprained his ankle getting his leg caught in his pajamas and then stepping on an uneven surface. He had to use "GoToMeeting" and then we went to the doctor to get crutches and watched Christmas with the Kranks while it rained. I think sometimes we are, I am, guilty of thinking that it's the big Christmas at Disneyland/Walking in a Winter Wonderland/White Christmas moments that can really make the season memorable, when the truth is it's the Christmas Vacation style moments where the turkey is as moist as a tumbleweed and you sing The Star Spangled Banner as a your decorations go up in flames that really cement the memories in your mind. 

Dave told me that last year he was in Puerto Rico staying with our friends Choley and Hayden who were collecting food stamps and going to grad school. Money was tight and stress was high. On Christmas night "Baller accidentally spilled Choley's beer and they were both screaming in each other's faces. They resolved the issue in five minuets and we found a Wallgreens that was open and were burning the roofs of our mouths on DiGiorno oven pizzas at 11pm for xmas dinner." It was just fine; perfect, even. 

We're still mid holiday season, so there's plenty of time for memories to be imprinted (burned?) in our minds, but in case I can't remember everything from this year I want to write down my favorites so far. 

+I walk Avalon to the park listening to Christmas music and remodeling all the homes we pass in my mind. 

+I work on Christmas gifts at night while we watch Gilmore Girls and Veep

+The other night I laughed a laugh just like my Nonny’s, which filled up some of the emptiness from her not being here anymore for her favorite holiday. 

+Avalon says “Daadaaa" and "Maaamaa" so long and enunciated, sometimes with an excited gasp just before either comes out. 

+When she sits down anywhere she taps the spot next to her and says "Mama" coyly so I'll sit next to her (I'll always sit next to you bug).

+We dried oranges for some of our ornaments this year. It was fun, all natural and made me feel like a real homesteader, but I occasionally glance over and wonder if our tree merely looks like it's festooned with trash.

+In the morning the heater comes on and I bring Avalon into bed. She does a nursing gymnastics routine, nearly crawling right out of her footy pajamas and then bursting out of the top like superman in a phone booth.

+We play with the train Scott's grandpa gave us that Scott and his sisters used to play with as kids. Avalon turns up the crank to high every time. I was doing one of my sweetest performances of  O' Christmas Tree as I tidied up the living room one night and went to turn off the Christmas tree lights. I accidentally kicked the train off it tracks and interrupted my song by saying "Oh S&*t". Then I laughed. 

What are some of your favorite holiday memories from this year? Any funny stories ?


  1. These are hilarious. You list reflects the holidays perfectly to me. I remember a year when my niece microwaved a can of cream of mushroom soup. It was a disaster, but funny in hindsight. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


    1. Speaking as someone who has microwaved a cup-a-noodle without water as a kid, I can sympathize with you niece! Merry Christmas to you as well Nicole!

  2. This is awesome. It really is the sucky memories that bring it home, sometimes. We listen to Christmas music every morning while I make us some eggs, and whenever I sing along, Gracie yells "NO!" and glares at me. Though she also pats on the floor next to her so I'll sit by her. I love it so much.

    1. Laughing out loud at this. Avalon has just started saying no, but she is certainly making up for lost time!

  3. I really loved this post. Thank you for sharing, you have such a sweet outlook on life. I love the orange idea, too--thank you for that one (and I am sure that your tree does NOT look like it is festooned with trash, although that line really made me giggle)!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you don't feel the tree appears to be decorated with things that belong in the dumpster. This comment made me smile. Happy Holidays! <3


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