Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Dear Avalon,

This year you are a Wild Thing for Halloween. Max, to be specific. I took you to a Halloween party this morning and you walked intently around the perimeter of the yard collecting rocks and wood chips in a tiny plastic pumpkin bucket. I looked over at one point and all the other moms were mingling near the water table with their kids, or without them. I felt a twinge in my heart, like maybe I should be over there mingling too. I've never had the easiest time making friends at first. But then I looked back at you with your twisted up little grin and dirty paws and I knew I was just where I wanted to be.

Right now is collecting sticks and rocks and feathers. Right now is smiling at babies and other kids really close-up in their face. Right now is two naps, sometimes one. Right now is humming in the car and running on the beach and learning not to hit or bite. Right now is saying new words, like pumpkin, and saying your name "A-lon". Right now is being patient and impatient, curious and brave and feisty and helpful and wild.

I could eat you up, I love you so.

Momma Wild


  1. Gorgeous photos, especially the third from the end and the fifth from the end. A Wild Thing, what a great costume idea. Glad you had a good Hallowe'en. My children are also at the learning-not-to-hit stage. It's been going on a while now... Another decade and we should have it sussed. Love that Avalon can half say her name, so sweet. CJ xx

  2. I think that the water cooler and mom mingle is nice, but being able to watch your kid go through all of this in person, not 2nd hand, and experience it all is way more important than any gossip you might have missed. Mom pals will come, but she'll only be this age ONE time in her life... enjoy it! ox


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