Thursday, September 1, 2016

To Danielle on Her Birthday

Dear Meesa, 

I'm a little intimidated to write this card because your cards are always the best, but I really want to make sure you know how loved you are; by Avalon and your friends and family and by Scott and me. We love you like crazy. You are an example to me daily of how to be self-less and dedicated and hard-working and stylish. I feel so blessed that Avalon has you to look up to and that I do too. Even if I didn't realize it right away as a kid, everything has always been better since you were by my side. I hope today is as special for you as it is for me. Happy birthday!

I love you forever,


  1. Seriously! Stop! You make me cry! You girls have always been the sweetest most loving individuals I am so blessed to call you family!!!!!

  2. Happy BIRTHDAY to you BABY. So nice moments. I have some moments when I ride the Best Backfire Longboard


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