Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Cruise: Surf and Skate Video

Happy Labor Day guys, friends, everyone, anyone! 
Here's a little edit of surf and skate clips from this summer. It's me learning what a "volcano" is as it applies to a skatepark and absolutely eating crap on it, surfing in front of Scott's camera while our baby sleeps; doing the same things we've always loved, but with less time, a new sidekick, a different perspective and more perhaps passion for all of it. Or something like that. 
RIP Go Pro. I hope whoever took you is having some fun making clips like we did when you were ours.

~Devon and Scott 
(but mostly Devon because Scott would probably write "Some clips from summer. enjoy!" without all the lamentation)


  1. You are the coolest person ever.

  2. Nice video. Anyone should view this to get inspire. Thanks for sharing. Best reviews blog for Backfire Longboard .


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