Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dirty Dishes, Flying Grasshopper

Tonight I left all the dirty dishes and thrown food on the counter and just went outside and skated the mini ramp. Rock-to-fakie, fakie-tailstall, backside slash, frontside slash, rock-and-roll. I also narrowly missed skating off the ramp into our dwarf palm tree. Then I laid in the grass and watched the clouds go by. I saw a grasshopper in one. He looked like he was made of chalkdust. If I hadn’t laid there I wouldn’t have known the clouds were moving or that there were little pockets of baby blue in between them. There’s something about your eyes being naked like that. No glasses, no lights, no wine, no company. I think it makes your mind clearer too. I did the dishes later with a glass of wine.

+My new favorite vegetarian taco recipe: tofu, spinach, corn, goat cheese tacos.
+Avalon's bows are from Free Babes Handmade. Giveaway coming Monday! 

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  1. Aah, yes, the days of thrown food, it's all come screaming back to me. Here it's mostly dropped food these days. Today by the other half. He's the worst in fact. I love the image of you lying outside at dusk watching the clouds. Peace and stillness. Wonderful. And then doing the dishes later with a glass of wine. A relaxing way of doing it all. CJ xx


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