Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In Between // Spring Surf and Skate Video

This movie sort of tells the story of me trying to get back in the groove of riding water and concrete again now that I have a daughter looking on. She has made me tougher and more inspired than ever. 

♥ p.s. I want to send out a big virtual hug to you all for sending Maddie such love for her first post in her series about her cancer battle. She was on a high all week and is now working on the second installment. This community is special. Thank you for being here. 
+wetsuit by (awesome).


  1. This might be the most inspiring video I've ever seen. I don't have children and I've never tried surfing or skateboarding, but the idea of doing the things you love, trying new things, working hard and practicing to be better no matter where you are in life really speaks to me. It's something I needed to hear. Thanks. And keep it up!

  2. Incredible! And I so love that this video included falls. It really does tell a story. You are so tough and brave! Avalon is lucky to have you as a mommy!

  3. Yesss!! Go, Devon! Kudos to you. :)

  4. Go girl! You are an inspiration. Your daughter will see very clearly how brave and tough her Mama is. ;)

  5. Your daughter is co cutie. I like her.

  6. Love it! I bet your daughter will be such a charger as she grows up. ...It would be hard not to find inspiration in watching her always graceful and adventurous mom!


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