Friday, April 22, 2016

Dear Momma, (on your birthday)

Dear Momma,

You always smell so nice, even when you aren't wearing any perfume. You *always look pretty, even when you aren't going anywhere or have worn your "uniform" to the store three days in a row. I love making fun of you because you almost always laugh the hardest. Food always tastes better at your house, even if you're making  "crap-ass" leftovers. Conversations are always more fun when you're in them. I love watching you look in the mirror when you're getting ready; you fluff your bangs with both hands and put your chin down.  I love how you love jewelry, but you are the one who makes it look good. The doctor who delivered you was right, you are a total sparkler. 

Every year I get nervous writing your cards because I feel I'm not capable of truly telling you how much I love and admire you. 

One true thing I know is: I love living life because of you (and Dad, too). You have shown me all the special things about it like how to skip and read and pack for the beach and cook and believe in things I can't see. You took me places to make friends; you showed me how to be one. You have shown me how to appreciate what I have; how to save it, organize it, clean it, treasure it, love it. You have shown me how to grow someone and help them to be their best. You have shown me how to nurture someone back to health. 

You give so much of who you are everyday, which means you have given so much to everyone around you, and you have the best laugh. I hope I can hear it forever.

Happy birthday! Thank you for making everything better.


*except when you have crazy "sailing hair!" 


  1. Your writing gets better and better Devon, you truly have a gift for it. You mum sounds absolutely wonderful, and I love how much you adore and appreciate her. A beautiful photo, she is as gorgeous as you are. I hope she has a fantastic day and that all her dreams come true. CJ xx

  2. So sweet. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. could you put it more perfectly?!?!? so lovely! I hope she had a wonderful birthday=)


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