Friday, February 12, 2016

Playing, not "Exercising"

I've been trying to find ways to stay active as a new mom, aside from walking Avalon to watch the sun set each evening. The truth is though, I hate exercising. I love an adrenaline rush. I love unpredictable thrills. I love how loud and calm nature can be all at the same time. I love freedom. I love playing. 

p.s. happy long weekend and happy day of love! 


  1. Lovely little video. Exercise for its own sake can be a bit of a chore can't it. I'm finding it very hard to make myself get out of bed into the cold at the moment to go for a run. I'm sure that sort of thing is far easier in sunny California... CJ xx

  2. Happy weekend of love to you and yours as well! Beautiful video!


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