Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our First Halloween as Parents

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, here are a few things I wanted to record from Avalon's first...

Scott and I made Ribollita soup like zombies at eleven at night before having friends over. We were sitting on the couch at ten thirty watching The Big Bang Theory apathetically, putting off cooking, until I just got up, turned on the stove and started cutting carrots. Then Scott joined and cut the rest of the veggies. He's much better with a knife than me. Although, I do give myself credit for teaching him the trick of lining vegetables up in a row and then cutting them all at once. Not sure anyone on the Food Network would approve of this method, but it's quick. Chopping food eats up valuable phone, reading and sleep time when you are new parents, so the more efficient you can be, the better.

The next day we surfed and played in the ocean even though the tide was too high and there were a million people out. I called them "barn balls" when retelling the tales from our session to my dad, who had stayed behind to watch Avalon. He questioned the meaning of the obvious diss. "Like Barneys, of course... Dumb Dumbs who almost run your legs over when they're just trying to go straight and then take every single set wave that comes in." He understood. I guess my free-spirited, go-with-the-flow, enjoy-it-all, post-pregnancy-surf-psyche might be fading. 

There were only about ten friends who came over for the party. Which, although this might sound potentially pathetic, was just the perfect amount. I got to talk to each one about real things and actually eat the food I spent time making. I even remembered to light the candles and put on music. Bliss. Avalon was dressed like a pumpkin; probably the most predictable baby Halloween costume around, but I don't care. It was so cute. She slept like a champ during some of the party even though we never made any attempts at being quiet. I take back any frustrated feelings I harbored about her sleep habits in the beginning. She is a dream. Today she slept through our smoke detector beeping because of a low battery, but now I'll probably worry that she won't hear such things when she's older if there's an actual emergency. 

I'll never forget the hug my friend Jenny gave me when she found out about Maddie's cancer. I'm trying to organize in my head all the things that help and don't help when you are struggling with something sad or hard in your life. Hugs help the most. They say it all.

The girls all sat around the living room talking about pumping and diaper rash and different baby apparatuses. None of the wine we bought got drunk because all the girls were busy breastfeeding. I did have a hard cider though. It tasted like the special occasion sodas my mom used to let me have when I was a kid. Got a good report card? You can have some Cactus Cooler to celebrate. Survived the infant days as a first time mom? Have a hard apple cider. 

Halloween night we left Avalon with my parents for three hours, which is approximately how much time it took me to actually leave. I was an anxious, nervous wreck, reminding the woman that raised me and my two sisters how to warm a bottle. Avalon didn't even know we were gone and I almost won "King of the Hill" elimination flip cup. 

What did you do you Halloween?


  1. I love Avalon's costume. Also, I so agree on the hard cider. James brings one home for me whenever I'm having a really bad day, or sometimes just to celebrate that we made it through the week. I nurse that sucker after Gracie's in bed and I can channel my pre-baby days.

  2. Sounds like a lovely Hallowe'en. I'm guessing "hard" cider has alcohol in it. Over here, all cider is alcoholic. I wonder if there are sometimes surprised Americans around who were expecting something else entirely. Some of it has a bit of a reputation. How adorable your little pumpkin is. I have a photo in my hall of my eldest holding my youngest at Hallowe'en a few years ago. The youngest is just a baby and also dressed as a pumpkin. The eldest one was dracula. CJ xx

  3. Leaving your baby with someone, even your mom, can be so hard! I've seen this with my friends so many times. I'm sure your mom understood where you were coming from. Glad you had such a great Halloween with your friends! Sounds like a great evening! :)

  4. Happy belated Halloween! We had the best first Halloween with our son. I'm so sorry about your sister. She's always in my thoughts!

  5. So funny when we try to tell OUR Mom's how to take care of a baby. Haha. Glad you got some friend time and enjoyed a hard cider too. ;) Cheers Mama!


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