Friday, June 12, 2015

We Can Do This

The sky has been the color of a shark belly most days this week; no sign of the sun at all. It almost makes you feel as though you're inside, even when you're outdoors.

I've probably been to the gym twenty-five times in my life, not counting the gymnastics gymnasium I attended addictively after watching the "Dream Team" win gold at the 1996 Olympics. I went occasionally in college with my roommates when there was nothing else to do besides study, but now I've been going about once a week for a prenatal yoga class, stopping by the pool to swim laps since swimming seems to be the most fun exercise I can do right now. 

It's better for me to go to the pool before the yoga class to put myself on more of a schedule, otherwise I'll waste time getting in the cool water. Without waves as a motivator, I am far more likely to spend at least five minutes messing with my Fitbit, reorganizing my gym bag and stretching. Of course, that 75º water is what helps me swim faster once I'm finally in. 

While swimming, I focus on my breathing and stare underwater at all the people swimming at their own pace. I swim some laps hard, but enjoy the excuse, as it may be, of being pregnant because it means I can take slow laps with a kickboard in between other strokes without feeling judged by myself and others.

During the rest of this week, Scott and I focused on adding the last details to the nursery: curtains, a wall rack for his surfboard and a cushion for the rocking chair I found at the consignment store. The carseat and extra adaptor are installed in our cars. I also spent some time finishing a tiny toy house we made for Sprout (I love this DIY Paint because you can paint layers of color and rub the paint back easily once it's dry to reveal the colors you want, plus it's non-toxic). I hope to show our whole nursery project from start to finish next week. 

Last night I had a vivid dream about Sprout's eyes. In it I said, "I had a feeling they were that color." When Scott said goodbye to me before he left for work this morning I said "Sprout is so pretty!" still half in the dream.

It's not just pool laps that I'm taking slower lately. I haven't made a to-do list all week. Previously, I'd have a few items already penciled in on to-do lists for three days from now. Despite what I might have thought, I still manage to return emails, water the plants, go to Trader Joe's and write without a reminder.

Somehow whether anyone is in school or teaching or not, June always seems to signify a life shift for us. A baby with bright eyes will rock in this bouncy seat next to me soon. I will worrying less about how many off-the-lips I did surfing or how much time I spent writing each week and more about if a small, dependent human we created seems to be taking to the world we brought them into. 

People ask me if I'm scared to have Sprout, and while I mentally take note not to ask that question of anyone else, lately I respond with "A little, but I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

I was in the locker room after swimming the other day when a group of elderly women walked in from the pool and circled around me asking when I was due. "In two weeks!" I said excitedly. The one without a swim cap and a small crop of white curly hair who seemed to be the leader exclaimed "Excellent!" Then she cleared her throat, looked around at her crew and said "Ladies, are we ready? We can do this!" 

Food Pictured 
1. Pinto bean tacos with jalapeños, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, cheese. Dad made these. 
2. Blue corn chips and spinach and tomato scrambled eggs. Hot sauce was added too, and I'm so glad I'm done with The Old Man and the Sea. Good writing, lots of dead sea life. 
3. Healthy Spaghetti O's. They sell something called "Harvest Grains Blend" at Trader Joe's. It includes dried couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans and red quinoa. I cooked it and then added it to tomato soup. It tasted just like Spaghetti O's. 
4. Asparagus with Curry Mayo Sauce. I finally made asparagus that turned out bright green. I usually cook it so much it turns the color of canned peas, but a 325º oven, ten minutes and some olive oil and salt and pepper solved my problem. The sauce my mom taught me to make made it even better. It's mayo, fresh lemon juice and curry powder. Neither of us use exact measurements, so it's just kind of one of those "to taste" recipes. 


  1. I thought it was tomato soup, you've made me long for a bowl of tomato soup, I haven't had any for ages. I was looking at the calendar today and thinking only two or three weeks more of asparagus. I usually stop picking it on the summer solstice. I might stretch it for another week this year. Love what you dad made, how brilliant, lucky you! I hope you're well, good that you are taking a little easier. Have a wonderful weekend Devon. Not long now! CJ xx

    1. I can never resist tomato soup, even when it's summer. How nice that you have asparagus in your garden! Bet it tastes better than anything from the stores.

  2. That house you made for Sprout is just adorable!! I think it's awesome you've kept up with yoga and swimming. I tried yoga before I was pregnant, but didn't last too long since I am terribly inflexible. Aren't our baby hormones supposed to cause our muscles to relax, though? Maybe I should try it again and see if I can build my flexibility. I know it would help a lot in the future. You look great, and I love that you're dreaming about Sprout's eyes. Hope you're having a nice and relaxing day:)

    1. I went to yoga about a year ago and the teacher came by and pointed out how inflexible I was in front of the whole class! I didn't go back until I started the prenatal classes. It has really helped me find a comfort level with yoga because it's pretty easy and they don't expect much of you! Plus I like it because it makes me feel like I'm doing something good for Sprout. I'd say give prenatal yoga a shot. Hope you had a good weekend too!

  3. It seems like your head is in a good space and we are here rooting for you! By the way, Scott always has the coolest, random Ts.

    1. haha, he does seem to gravitate more towards uncommon shirts. His favorite is one he got in a bar in San Francisco last year. The one in these pictures is for our friend who is traveling the world as a professional volleyball player. Thanks for the encouragement Dakota!

  4. Oh, Momma.
    I don't think I was ever fully ready for that day. And I cannot believe you only have 2 weeks to go??!!!
    But there's nothing like it ;)
    Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

    1. Thanks Misty. I guess ready is a relative term :)

  5. That little house is adorable! You did a great job with it! I can't believe you're so close to delivery already! I feel like you were just announcing your pregnancy!


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