Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Surfing with Sprout at 36 Weeks Pregnant

Scott helped push me into a few waves over the weekend. I brought our GoPro on a couple. 


  1. Devon, you are GLOWING! You look so beautiful! I love that one day your baby will have all these beautiful photos and videos to see the journey. Love it!

  2. Gorgeous and glowing and totally stoked! Best wishes in the coming weeks <3

  3. You're so graceful, and you make it all look so easy! Lovely to see you floating along. A mermaid indeed. Not long now! I used to think all first babies were born late. Imagine my surprise when my eldest was born at 37 and a half weeks... CJ xx

    1. I keep getting that Tom Petty song stuck in my head "Waiting is the hardest part..." It's so hard not knowing when. At least the waves are distracting.

  4. You are too cool. You're having a baby so soon!!! I can't wait. You will be the best mom.


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