Monday, May 11, 2015

Capas, a Short Surf Film {Trailer}

Last year we flew down to Mexico with our friends Basia and Phil to stay in a concrete floored bungalow with colorful placemats and two creaky hammocks next to a shore break that could've swallowed all the stray dogs around. Pescadero is a small town on the South West Coast of Baja. I remember feeling warm every day. I remember drinking tequila and Tecate every day too. I remember watching locals pull into house high barrels going the speed of a Porsche on the freeway. I remember trying to skate this turquoise skatepark in the middle of nowhere that was patrolled by pit bulls and local Mexican guys that liked Reggae. The directions to get to our place included lines like "Turn right after the last bougainvillea." Basia and Phil were unfamiliar with the plant at the time. I think Phil still calls it Bogdanvillea; some kind of hybrid of the actual plant species and Basia's dad's name. Anyways. Phil is an amazing cinematographer and film maker and has put together a short film about our experience called Capas. Above is the trailer. I will share the full film in a few weeks. And if you will, stop by Phil's site and check out some of his photographs and other videos. You will not be disappointed. They always offer me a little escape to somewhere else. 

Capas (meaning layers in Spanish) is a short surf film put together by four friends whose desire for travel led them to Baja California Sur. The film and editing style are a reflection of the natural and cultural diversity or “layers” encountered throughout the southern half of the Baja Peninsula. Featured surfing in the film are Devon Holloway DeMint from The Tale of a Mermaid and Scott DeMint. Filmed by Philip C. Nowak, Devon Holloway DeMint and Scott DeMint. Edited by Philip C. Nowak.


  1. I love it!!! Can't wait to watch the full movie!!! :)

  2. The trailer looks incredible! I'm excited to see the short film!


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