Monday, May 4, 2015

Backyard Expansion Project

this is Scott complaining about me wanting to take his picture in our new hangout
this is Scott after I told him I would watch World War Z, a movie he's been bugging me to watch weekly for almost a year

I read something about my blog on Facebook the other day. Someone said they liked it because there wasn't a lot of talk, but a lot of pictures. I know a few weeks ago I wrote a long post about our friend Dave spilling taco crunch all over our kitchen counter and telling us stories in our nursery about a college kid wearing a VIP badge peeing himself in front of a Mexican restaurant and then getting picked up by a "chick from Tinder". I know there are plenty of wordy, long, confession-style reflection posts living in the archives, but I don't think I'm going to make this post one of them.

We expanded the backyard as you can see from the excessive amount of pictures I just posted above. We took out a big pine tree that I cried over, but it had to go because it was leaning on our house over the room we plan to let our baby sleep safely in. We took out oleander shrubs because they had a fungus and were said to have poisonous leaves. We put up a new white vinyl fence that is currently so bright you can't stare at it directly. The twinkle lights were up for our party, but I think they will stay up for awhile; at least until the winter winds come back. We have a new patch of artificial grass and a sitting area in place of what used to be a generally untouched carport that housed our trash cans and gathered sap droppings from the pine tree. We like it much better now, although of course when everything was getting torn apart I had plenty of anxiety about what we'd eventually be left with. I hope this backyard functions as a number of things, but mostly a place for Sprout be in and explore nature and for us to play drinking games and chill with friends ;). 


Trees - Indian Laurels 
Adirondack Chairs - Home Depot and Ace Hardware 
Teal Bistro Set - Home Depot (cushions- thrift store steal!) 
Anchor, plank coffee table, "Corn Hole" game, long turquoise table- handmade by friends, family or Scott
Most other items were thrifted 

+Let me know if you have any questions in the comment form below!
+Do you have any home projects in the works right now?


  1. I really like how you re-used the stumps and I love how how bright and colourful your home is! Love that anchor too. Is all your grass fake? That is a pretty unfamiliar concept to me over here in Virginia.

    1. Thanks Emma! All of our grass is fake. We are currently undergoing a huge drought, so the CA government is actually encouraging people to replace their real lawns with artificial turf or another low to no water wasting alternative.

  2. You guys did a wonderful job on your backyard project! Your space is so colorful, joyful, and comfortable. It was so nice to meet you and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. I'm looking forward to hearing that Sprout has arrived.

    1. Thanks Kate! It was so great to meet you!

  3. So in love with your house and your yard. I'll be moving in tomorrow.

  4. We had a big tree that hung precariously over our house and was rotting inside. I hated having it cut down, but it was our only safe option. So I understand that feeling! Your back yard looks AMAZING! It's all gorgeous!


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