Monday, April 27, 2015

Vegetarian Snacks and Meal Ideas (for pregnancy or not)

strawberry, mango, banana, spinach, apple juice smoothie
edamame, kale, cabbage and mushrooms sautéed with sesame seeds and soy sauce over brown rice
crackers with avocado, lime, sea salt and cracked pepper with tropical drinks
mango sorbet with cacao chips 
homemade margarita pizza with whole grain crust
open-face toasted pb & raspberry j sandwich and strawberry, banana, kale smoothie
fresh coconut
loaded baked potato 
more strawberry smoothies with coconut milk, flax seeds, banana and mango
quinoa pasta with spinach, carrots, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts and lentils
I hope you all had a nice weekend. It rained and even poured on my birthday/baby shower/luau party. First time all year that it's rained like that during the day. Everyone said it was good luck. I said I thought that only applied to weddings. Either way, it was fun and I have some stories to tell you soon. Until then, above are some meals from the past few weeks I thought I'd share.


  1. Mmm, you do eat well Devon, it all looks delicious. The crackers are particularly appealing right now, I love the combination of avocado, lime, salt and pepper. Wonderful. Glad the party was a good one, despite the rain. Maybe it is good luck, rain is the bringer of life after all. Have a good week Devon. CJ xx

  2. I hope you had a special birthday! I like seeing all the ways you make pasta. It's always so pretty, healthy and creative looking!

  3. Yum! Happy belated birthday/baby shower/ luau party!


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