Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It all started with a phone call to Dave a month ago. 

Have you gotten any tickets from the police for surfing hurricanes lately? Remember when that girl threw an Easter basket at you? Do you still eat out of the bowl you found in the alley behind the apartment in Mission? Are you gonna come out here for spring break? 

Plane tickets that were once $425 were now around $700 for a round trip from North Carolina to San Diego, so he said, "Y'all are cool, but I don't know if you're $100-dollars-a-day-cool." 

But his mind was changed when I messaged him on Facebook offering to help with the ticket so he could come out here as a surprise for Scott and Jason. He refused the money, but appreciated the sentiment and arrived at The Beachcomber bar an hour shy of midnight last Friday night to surprise Jason and Scott for their 30th birthdays. It seemed fitting since we all turned 21 there too. 

If you add in the other old roommates from the apartment across the street who showed up for the surprise, Hayden and Choley the pro rollerbladers from Reno, and Nick who plays Elliot Smith songs almost as hauntingly as Elliot Smith, it made seeing each of us cost about $16 a day, so I think it was worth it. 



  1. It looks like they all had LOTS of fun. Well done your for helping to make it happen, I'm sure Scott must have really appreciated it. You're a top wife! CJ xx

  2. That is AWESOME! How fun to get everyone together! What a great surprise for Scott:)

  3. How fun!!! I love surprises like these, they really make life all the more enjoyable!! :)
    ~ Samantha


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