Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Surfing with Sprout: 20-30 Weeks Pregnant

+Surfing with Sprout: 16-19 Weeks Pregnant 
+I've ridden an INT Softboard during my pregnancy. Check 'em out! 


  1. Devon, you and Sprout look amazing on the water! I'm curious, does he kick or move more when you're surfing than when you're not? I bet he's gonna love the water as much as his mum & dad! x

    1. Thanks Laura! Sometimes I feel Sprout moving around when I'm out in the water, sometimes I think the movement lulls him or her to sleep! :)

  2. You are truly the coolest person I know. I'm jealous of your kid.

  3. What a fantastic video, you look so at home in the water, you surf so effortlessly. I'm admiring the skill of the cameraman as well! CJ xx

  4. This is so great! Glad to see you still doing what you love and sharing it with Sprout :)

  5. This is the SWEETEST video! I can just imagine how much Sprout is going to LOVE looking back on these videos of his/her mom and dad and seeing you surfing while in your tummy. So special!!!

  6. I love this! The video look so professional!


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