Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sprout's Bookshelf Re-Do {Making a Gender Neutral Nursery}

In December I had my eyes on a dresser for Sprout from the same store where we got this bookshelf thats original color made me think of cavities. 

When I would close my eyes during the first trimester of this pregnancy and ignore my crazy-side that flashed on our first experience with the mean midwife and miscarriage percentages, I knew that Sprout was fine. It was just scary to love something so much. To help myself focus on the fact that a tiny, kidney bean sized baby would grow and thrive, I would sometimes wander through warm home decor stores in the evenings around Christmas time when I was supposed to be finishing gifts and packing for trips to see family. That's when I found the perfect dresser for Sprout. I just didn't have a place to put it yet. 

When the dresser was still there last week I knew I had to finally give it a home. I'll share some pictures of it later once we finish the room, but here are some photos of a bonus item Scott found at the same place: a funky little shelf filled with spiders that needed a home. 

I don't know if I'm proud of the fact that retail therapy kinda works on me, but it's at least the truth. Having a creative outlet like renovating and decorating our garage turned nursery has helped with lingering anxiety during my first pregnancy too. 

We took the shelf home for $10, sanded the cracks and repainted it with Debi's non-toxic DIY Paint. I used Mermaid's Tail (appropriate) and Mint Chip to refinish it and also added a little green acrylic paint I mixed at home to accent the framing. 

I started by adding a coat of the darker Mermaid's Tail paint to a few places on top of the already existing colors first. After I allowed it to dry, I painted over that coat with the lighter Mint Chip paint. Because this DIY paint is highly pigmented, you can paint pastel colors over darker colors. Then I used a damp rag to rub off the top layer of paint in certain places so the previous layers would be revealed and the shelf would look distressed. The whole project cost about $25. 

Sproutie, I hope you like it. I still have some more items to add to the shelves for you! 

p.s. thank you all for your kind words about Maureen.


  1. umm...can i have it too ;p
    i love it.

  2. Great colors. It's nice you have something you can tell your baby you made just for them. And you gotta love that you are still so active and productive during your pregnancy. Looking very forward to the rest of the room reveal! And thanks for the links to the paint!

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the different shelf sizes, and the colours are divine. Just right for a mermaid's baby. Beautifully done Devon. The mean midwife sounds horrendous, she is surely in the wrong profession. CJ xx

  4. These before/after posts for Sprout's room are truly my favorite!

  5. I love it so much. You should come decorate for me.

  6. Hopefully you checked it for lead paint first! It can chip off and reveal older paint.

  7. I love the colors! I wish I could have you come help me repaint some of the rooms in my home. I'm really loving the whole "beach/ocean" vibe you've got going on. It gives the room a much more open and happiness feel to it I think. Makes me smile. Sprout is going to love it!

  8. It is perfectly beach-y for little Sprout.


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