Friday, April 3, 2015

More Surprises

Isn't it weird how at one point we all come from somewhere we don't remember? Lately this thought has brought me small amounts of comfort when I think about the fact that, should the people I know suffering from "terminal illnesses" retreat to a place no one really understands, it might not be so terrible because at one point everything came from somewhere no one can describe and at least no one's ever described the place they were before they were conceived as sucking worse than falling in a volcano or eternally waiting in line at the DMV.

I have a neighbor who has a deck that extends over part of our house. I can never really hear him, except that he putts a golfball around up there every three hours. Sometimes I think I can't hear him talking because he's quiet, but that he must hear me because I'm not. If he can hear me, then last week he would have known that I was trying my best to throw together a surprise party for a husband who is so nice and patient and loving and selfless that he sold his beautiful boat so I could follow my dreams to become a writer; for a person who sometimes holds the door open for people for so long that you think he got lost; for someone who always leaves their shoes out and kisses me softly on the head before he leaves for work; for a person who says "Right on!" and "No worries" and "I'm always on your side". 

Sometimes hosting parties is a whirlwind of: What can I bring? And I wish I'd had more notice! And Did you get a group photo yet? Let me feel your belly! Oh my gosh you're so BIG! And I'll be there as long as my dentist appointment in Tijuana goes well. 

Actually, usually throwing parties is at least a little bit about of all of the above, but this one was also about good weather, a new South Swell, double sessions, lots of Pacifico, suspecting the hot tub was peed in and almost every character from Scott's beloved, crumbling, old apartment in Mission Beach showing up at the right place. It was about a mud pie that didn't melt and a group-gifted new surfboard on a day when the rail of Scott's favorite board got smashed. 

It was about one of the guests saying, "You know where else is just like here?...          Nowhere." 

Maybe it is like nowhere or maybe it's like a place we don't remember or think we don't know anything about. 


p.s. +This is the mud pie recipe I used and would definitely use again. The video made the recipe easy to visualize and stress free to make and everyone seemed stoked on the end product. 
+this is the dress I wore.
+Have a good weekend and happy Easter if you celebrate!


  1. OH my gosh. This little party looks amazing. I want to hop in all your pictures. :) You look adorable by the way.

  2. Oh how lovely - it is so cold and dull here in Devon, England :o)

  3. There's often a lot of golf ball putting around here as well, although it seems to have stopped temporarily. The party sounds wonderful, and your husband sounds even wonderfuller. You made a most excellent choice I think. I'm off to look at that mud pie recipe now. Only looking though... Have a lovely Easter Devon. CJ xx

  4. You're so cute ;) <3 to you momma bear ;)

  5. It looks amazing! And you are adorable as ever!

  6. What a special post to remember Scott's birthday party. :) You know, before I even read the text, I looked through the photos and thought to myself, "Devon does such a great job of documenting family and love and camaraderie and joy in photos." The person who said that your place is like nowhere else is so right, but it's not about the PLACE so much as it's about the PEOPLE.


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