Monday, April 20, 2015

Dear Maureen,

a wildER Irish Rose--you were the wildest
catholic school days. both our families messy and loud and happy.

Our family friend Maureen died this past weekend after battling cancer. These are my letters to her before and after her death. She was like no one I ever met in anyway. 

April 19th, 2015

Dear Maureen,

I was thinking about you today in the shower....I knew you'd think that line was funny. I knew you could see me then and it made me self-conscious of my body for a second. Then it made me think about how tall you were and how comfortable you were with yourself. How you said you had giraffe legs, but I could tell you still liked them. How you said you were clumsy, but that you didn't mean that as a shortcoming, but more as something you'd come to embrace about yourself in this life. A hundred memories of you washed over me just like the water and I thought of how full of life you were while you were here. Not everyone is, you know. I wanted Sprout to know you and Scott says they still will. You were always so near to me wherever I went. You drove me to school until I was nearly 17. You moved Megan into college four doors down from me. I think you will always be near to me. 


March 25th, 2015

Dear Maureen,

I can't think about anything else but you. I want to ask you a hundred things... How did you raise your family so well? How do you have so much fun in life? How did you learn not to take yourself so seriously? How do you make everyone feel comfortable in your home?

I want to always have ice cream in my freezer like you did when I was over. I want to use my finger to get it out of the scooper like you did too. I want to have antiques around my house like you because they have more meaning and history and character. I want to laugh and snort. I want to drink beer with my friends. I want to let kids be kids. I want everyone to look forward to the day I drive carpool. I want to help my passengers study for the spelling test. I want to make them still feel good about themselves even when they spell a word wrong. I want to love dogs and put my family first. I want to wear crazy costumes and embarrass my kids. I want to have sleepovers at my house and let the kids stay up late and play video games and sleep on the floor and shoot headbands at dolls and maybe even say a few bad words. I want to be forgiving like you. I want to be loyal like you. I want to be silly like you. I want to be curious and sensitive like you. I want to love completely like you do.

I want to tell you the shower you threw me for my wedding was perfect. I've been looking through all the pictures today. I really should have kept my legs closed during the present opening part! But anyways.... Remember how you made sure everyone used something re-usable and creative to wrap their gifts because you knew it went with my eco-friendly theme and tendencies? Remember how you wrapped the cutting board you gave me in our catholic school's P.E. clothes? You get me.

I have loved you since I met you and I will love you forever. I only think of happy things when you are in my mind.

Love always,

this is when you gave me a random sock monkey wine koozie. I love it.
wedding shower at your house 2011


  1. Sending you love and peace, Devon. <3 What beautiful letters to Maureen.

  2. Oh Devon, I'm so sorry. She sounds like a really amazing woman, the sort of person who is a constant source of inspiration and energy. Your letters are beautiful, it's good to write down the memories you have of her so that they are preserved. Look after yourself sweetie. CJ xx

    1. She was CJ. I'm glad you could pick up on that. Thank you!

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Devon. These are such sweet words and memories, and I'm sure Maureen knew how much you loved her. Thinking about you:)

    1. Thank you Kari! I hope she did!

  4. Cancer sucks. I am so sorry for you loss. But I am glad that you had someone so perfect in your life. It sounds like she was a pretty amazing woman. And the things you learned from her will be things that you pass down to Sprout. That's how you keep their memory alive after all.


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