Friday, March 27, 2015

Vegetarian Meal Ideas and Snacks (for pregnancy or not)

sprouted red jasmine rice and vegetarian potstickers (from Trader Joe's)
with soy sauce, lime, avocado, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese
peanut butter toast in the morning 
Mexican Bean and Corn Salad with Kale chips (adds vitamin K)
almond milk, greek yogurt, strawberry, blackberry smoothie with chia seeds
roasted red pepper and tomato soup with quinoa "salsa"
spinach salad with chick peas, carrots, cherry tomatoes and goddess dressing + asparagus and cherry tomato pizza
hard boiled egg fresh out of the pot with cracked pepper and sea salt
fresh coconut (stainless steel straw)
fava beans (although I prefer edamame, but the market was out!),
sautéed with mushrooms, red bell pepper, sesame seeds and a little soy sauce.
The drink is a blood orange Italian soda from Trader Joe's. 
p.s. while we're on the subject of food--I am making a mud pie this weekend for Scott's birthday. Does anyone have any good recipes? All he told me was he doesn't want gummy worms! 


  1. Have you ever had mississippi mud pie? It's my favorite kind!

    1. I haven't, but judging from some pictures I just looked up I think we'd like it too!

  2. Mmm, love fava beans, they're called broad beans here though. I'm intrigued by the potsticker. No idea what it is but it looks quite yummy. I wouldn't mind a bowl of that soup either, I'm REALLY hungry right now, and you're not helping! Scrumptious food though, and deliciously healthy too. CJ xx

    1. Broad beans! I had no idea. Potstickers are referred to as dumplings too.

  3. These all look SO yummy! I need to try the Trader Joe's vegetarian pot stickers. How is everything they make SO amazing???

    1. They really are good. I need to replenish my supply!

  4. All of those photos have my mouth watering now. :) Veggie pride! Ha. Good luck with the mud pie. I don't have any recipes to share, but I'm sure the Google Gods will smile warmly upon you. ;) Enjoy Scott's birthday celebrations this weekend!

  5. You always have the most delicious looking, healthy meals and snacks! I really need to check out Trader Joe's more. There's one right by my house, but I always feel overwhelmed when I go in there. It's on my list of things to do:) Happy birthday to Scott!


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