Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear Sprout, {A Shell Swimsuit and the Sunset}

Dear Sprout,

I got us a new swimsuit. It has a big nautilus shell on it. 

We were up at your Nonny and Poppy's house laughing at this story about how they got in an argument at the market over Buy-One-Get-One-Free 'Killer Brownies' they were supposed to give up for lent when we all saw the sun falling fast. It was Friday the 13th of March 2015; a record breaking heatwave day. The wind was offshore in the kind of way where you can hear the train and the car horns much more clearly out on the water and smell what people are barbecuing too. 

It was going to be a beautiful sunset. I could tell even before the sun hit the low, lethargic clouds along the horizon line and I wanted to take you to it; to get us as close as we could be. Sometimes being in the ocean while the sun is going down makes you feel like a tiny part of that phenomenon. 

I only had the shell suit with me, so I grabbed our foam board and ran down to the water in it, wetsuit free for the first time in months. The ocean was lively, fresh and cold like a soda with ice and the wind blew water into my eyes while we were paddling for waves. We got two waves together as the sun dipped into the water, just like you and I were. Your dad shot these pictures.

I've been having so much fun riding waves with you, I think I'll be sad when you have to stay on the sand for a little while after you are born. The comfort of it comes like a good song on a busy day; a fleece blanket over goosebumps; a long ride on a cold wave as the sun goes to someone else. 

The next day we worked on your nursery some more. It was kind of one of those days where you wished people would stop by so you had an excuse to stop working, but it's getting closer. Your daddy is working hard to make you a new home when you get here, but I hope I will always be a home for you in some way.

me, your mom

+foam board}
p.s. we passed the second glucose test. thanks for all the positive thoughts! 


  1. So beautifully written Devon. The image of the sunset after a hot day is very evocative. It will be a while until we have a day that warm here I think. But you have reminded me of what it's like. Glad you and sprout had this little adventure, alone, together. CJ xx

  2. I just love your posts to Sprout. They are so sweet, and I'm sure she/he loves riding the waves with you. I wonder if it lulls him/her to sleep or makes him/her excited and move all around. Your bump is so cute! These pictures are beautiful, and I love the imagery you created. You are a really wonderful writer, Devon:) Hope you're having a great day. Our record breaking heat wave has come to a close unfortunately. I don't think it will get really cold again, but am waiting (impatiently) for the next heat wave:)

  3. You letters to Sprout always make me smile and give me a warm fuzzy feeling. They are beautiful. And how gorgeous is that photo of you showing the belly? Love it. Here the weather has been all over the place mostly warm (thank goodness) and then today it was 36F. Seriously? I am ready for Spring.

  4. So glad you passed the second gluclose test!! And these photos are beautiful. As I was looking at the photos I found myself wondering if it was harder for your to surf as your body changes. But your words about how sad it will be for your little one to be left on shore while you're out there surfing made me realize how much you love having Sprout with you out there. So precious. :)

  5. Geez Devon! You are progressing right along with this whole Baby thing. ;)
    as always, stunning photos.
    Your little one is gonna love these letters one day.
    and P.S. I'm sure that heat wave is just the beginning...
    Happy first day of spring tomorrow!!


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