Sunday, February 1, 2015

Surfing with Sprout: 16-19 Weeks Pregnant {Surf Video}

Filmed by Scott with our GoPro Hero 4 Black 
Music: Lord Huron I Will be Back One Day


  1. Oh WOW, that's the life, no? Fantastic footage, something to treasure. You surf so beautifully, effortlessly. Poetry in motion! CJ xx

  2. so cool!!

    i bet Sprout loves all the movement and wave sounds,too!

  3. I've probably watched it 15 times. I love the sentiment and great surfing!

  4. Love this! You always look so happy when you are in the water.

  5. Awww, congrats!!! :) This video is awesome and it's great that you'll be able to show it to the little one years from now!

  6. This is so amazing! Sprout is going to think you are the COOLEST mom ever! :)


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