Friday, February 27, 2015

Vegetarian Meal Ideas and Snacks for Pregnancy

fresh grapefruit, even though I can never cut it as well as my mom
popcorn with butter, cayenne pepper and sea salt
I've been eating (free range) eggs about three to four times a week. 
The patties are veggie "sausage" patties from Trader Joe's.
The (half eaten) bagel is JalapeƱo Cheese with low fat, organic cream cheese. 
Lemon Sesame Kale Salad 
VitaMix Spicy Tomato Soup and grilled cheese on whole grain bread made by Scott  
blackberry, banana, strawberry, kale smoothie with chia seeds and hemp protein powder.
{funny thing about smoothies with frozen fruit is, sometimes I think they wake Sprout up because they are cold :}
barley and wild fried rice with eggs, peas, carrots, zucchini, onion 
VitaMix Spicy Tomato Soup 
microwaved rice cake with lime, tomato, black beans, hot sauce and cheese
and not microwaved rice cake with avocado, lemon and sesame seeds. 
The juice is grapefruit. My number one craving so far. 
If you have any good snacks or vegetarian meals, let me know! Also, if you have any vegetarian recipes from other cultures or countries, I'd love to try making them. Now that my morning sickness has subsided I think it'd be fun to start Foreign Food Friday up again. Does anyone have any recipes from Latin America? We really enjoyed the food we had in Peru and El Salvador and I've never tried cooking anything from there. 

Cloth napkins c/o Dot & Army
Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back to December

Six days before Christmas the waves were firing, but it was super crowded. All these kids were home from college and I managed to get hit by one of them. Or rather, my board did. When I saw him coming across the closeout right at me, I bailed my board and swam down. I was fine, but my board had a gash in the tail so deep that even the traction pad was torn.

I was about three months pregnant at the time. I haven't surfed around a crowd since. 

The kid was nice and offered to pay for the ding repair. I said I'd let him, but when he was taking longer than 20 minutes to come back from the ATM down the street, I started to wonder if he meant it or not. I got to talking to this guy named Ken in the parking lot while I was waiting. He had surf freckles and wore booties and a rash guard with his full suit. Hawaiian music was playing. I told him the story about the board; how an apologetic college kid was going to get the money to fix it; how I was pregnant; how I felt guilty that this happened at all. Water was dripping down from my wetsuit, making a puddle under my feet.

Just before Ken left to paddle out, I heard him on the phone talking to our local repair shop. He was telling them my name and that I'd be in soon. Then he said, "I want to pay for this repair. Charge it to me. I need to make this right" and hung up. I tried to tell him not to by uncomfortably repeating things like "Please" and "Don't" and "I can't let you do this!", but he insisted, replying "I can't let you feel let down by humanity. The good in humans needs to prevail." Then he zipped up his wetsuit, turned off the music and walked down to the beach. Five minutes later the kid came back and gave me forty bucks. He apologized again and confessed unnecessary things to me like how he wasn't from around here and had never surfed this spot before. I laughed and thanked him and told him to have a Merry Christmas. Then I left a note for Ken letting him know what happened so he wouldn't feel let down by humanity either. 

A few days ago my friend Bob came by and gave me a DVD with some surfing from December 19th, 2014 on it. It was the same day as the accident and the forty dollars and the Hawaiian music in the parking lot and the two guys who made people look good. I barely remember this wave at all. When I think of that day now, I feel guilty again for taking Sprout out into a busy lineup with me, but I'll probably share this story with him or her someday. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Making Room

don't you feel like you can hear this picture?
not done by Christmas, not done by President's Weekend either! 
leather-latched wall planter
five years of sand that hitch-hiked from the beach

Sometimes I feel like I can't wait another day until I meet Sprout. I just want to hold him and see that she is ok. I want to know my baby by looking in their eyes. I want to put him in jammies and make her comfortable and kiss his cheeks. I want to know what it's going to be like waking up all night and changing diapers and trying to be a surfer and writer and... mom; what it will be like sharing this person I love so much with so many family members and using the new rocking chair I scored from the consignment shop and having everyone leave one day and trust me to take care of a new, helpless life by myself. Sometimes all of these moments seem like they're behind a door up ahead that keeps getting closer, even though what's behind it is never clearer. 

But when I almost trip over the file cabinet and skateboards and snorkels in the garage area next to our room that we're converting to a nursery, I'm thankful that approaching door, even with its answers, still seems a little ways away. 

We are putting in some decorative paneling around the nursery. You can see some examples of what it will hopefully look like when it's completed on my Pinterest board 'make room'. I've taken three car-loads of stuff to Goodwill. I gave away my desk from college. Scott got rid of the karate uniform he got his black belt in. I even gave away stuffed animals! And still, I feel like there is more that could go. We will also put in a new closet and flooring that we bought on clearance called Urban EZ Clip Plank. All of this needs to mostly be completed by mid-spring, when we will have a small get-together here at the house. I am trying to keep any anxiety related to the deadline and approaching changes under control. And so, there has also been surfing and staring at seals and seashells and baby hummingbirds and rain puddles and, thankfully, help from family too. 

p.s. the surfboard in the pictures is my new INT softboard. It is so fun! Use the code mermaid20 at checkout for 20% off all INT softboards. I think that's a pretty good deal. 
p.p.s. all home improvement projects can now be located on one page.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pie-stop: Mom's, Julian

The phrase running through my mind this morning is "don't borrow trouble", but on Monday, President's Day, when Basia, Phil, Scott and I stopped in Julian on our way home from the desert, the only thing on my mind was what kind of pie to get from Mom's. I went with boysenberry-apple pie with crumb crust and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Scott and Basia ordered cherry-apple-crumb thinking they might share some of it with Phil and I in exchange for some of our apple-boysenberry, but neither Phil or I like cherry. We let them have a few bites of ours anyways before we took a quick walk around town. 

As you can see from the signs, there are half a hundred things you can do and see in Julian, but since we were just making a piestop, we only went to our favorite pie place, Mom's. Scott and I love visiting the mountain town of Julian in the fall and winter to pick apples and go to the wineries (although, it wasn't looking very wintery this time). Next time we'll probably be back with Sprout. This was Basia and Phil's first time to Julian so they have to come back too. Basia loves apple flavored things so much she said she'd live here! 

Julian is located in East County, San Diego right where highway 79 meets up with highway 78. You can camp or stay at a number of small hotels or bed and breakfasts. Scott used to stay at the Julian Gold Rush Hotel with his family. 

+Anyone out there been to Julian? 
+I'm curious, what's your favorite kind of pie?

Mom's Pies

2119 Main Street
Julian, California
A Julian original since 1984. Stop by for a slice or take a whole pie home while visiting historic Julian California.
Pie Line 
Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm
Sunday 8am to 5:30pm

p.s. I have re-organized the San Diego tab so it is hopefully a little easier to use.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not the Moon, but Maybe

I could skip the part about spending Valentine's Day with a dozen strangers.
And the part where four 17 year old boys rode up to our campfire on one ATV, then stripped down to their bleached white underwear and danced with wedgies.
Maybe one of them got this last bit of covering stolen and then hidden by one of our crew. Maybe she said she was inspired by the scene from Now and Then with the Wormer brothers.

Maybe the boys left and came back trying to prove they weren't as childish as thieves, digging holes with their dirt bike tires around our twinkle light tee pee and dog bowls and taking over our music selections.

Maybe someone threw a beer bottle at one of them.
Some people don't care for careful behavior, but then maybe those of us who do stayed in the RV with the lights off.
Maybe all of our concerns out here were a little different.

I could leave out the part about the BB guns and the Tecate cans, the part about building a fire with thirsty sticks, the part about winning my first game of Rummikub, the part about how the sky looked old and the dirt craved being in your nose.

I could tell you I saw a tan dog with no tail.
I saw a highway.
That I drank a whole carton of grapefruit juice, but my lips were still dry.
That I saw sunlight on the sand and a couple in a fight.
Saw hula hoops with sparkle tape.
Saw a dead gopher.
Saw the sun set in a haze.
Borrowed a sweatshirt from Basia.
Danced a slow dance with Scott.
Saw my friends holding hands.
Took a picture with my dragon and my baby.

I could skip all the details and just tell you the desert made us feel so far from home, like we went to the moon, but maybe that would make it seem like we didn't make any memories at all.