Friday, January 30, 2015

Blah, Blah, Blah and a Winter Playlist

I went for a walk today and saw a gigantic pumpkin in the trash. I don't know how it lasted this long, but it was still as tangerine as a tic tac. 

This happened after I went to sit with my neighbor to watch the hummingbirds nest and feed their babies in the oleanders between our houses. You can't see the babies in my pictures, but I'm hoping to get a few shots of them with my long lens over the next few weeks. My neighbor read you're not supposed to get very close because you could alert other predators to their presence.

When we were at the beach a few weeks ago I took a picture of two of my surf kids on manual focus by accident, but there they are just before the fall term ended. If it weren't for them, I would have only associated age thirteen with accidentally wearing boxer shorts for "free dress" at school, getting hit in the mouth with a kickball and trying to sell my 7th grade teacher's desk supplies for pennies and quarters at lunch with my best friend Erin. Now I'm learning what weather is perfect for eating Acai bowls and overhearing conversations about how the best flavor of cough drops is Strawberry Cream. I didn't even know they made that kind, but apparently the honey flavor tastes like mosquito spray so...  They love surfing for all the right reasons, and that's my favorite thing about our sessions together. I have a total of four surf students now and they all make surfing better.  

One of the reasons a person with a lot of time on their hands might discover the words "winter is my favorite time to surf" written in my journals every year is because we've had a fun North West swell every weekend lately. I've been riding my 5'6" squash tail since we went to Tahiti and I feel like we're in just the right sync together. Of course, that's exactly when I think it's time to switch it up with boards, but I have a feeling life is about force me into that decision anyways. Sprout is still small; the size of a heirloom tomato, my app says, but I've been looking into other board options for the remainder of this pregnancy that I'll share soon.

I mentioned the other day that Scott and I got some bookshelves at the thrift shop. One is for the room we are trying to make for Sprout and the one pictured above is currently in a corner of our main living area. The thing is, I can't deicide if I like it. I stare at it periodically throughout the day wondering how I accumulated so many orange and black books, trying to picture it painted white or with a pallet wood backing and worrying that I'm killing the feng shui I'm not sure the room ever had. 

I've re-organized all the books three times now. I think I'm going to just have to paint it white so I can stop wondering if it'd be better that way. Do you have any advice on organizing bookshelves? What do you think about painting this one a glossy white? Scott is going to make cabinet doors for the bottom shelf and those aquamarine, quartz looking rock things in the picture above will be the handles (I got them at anthropologie). We also got that little wave coatrack for Sprout for 6 bucks. I think it'll stay just as it is. 

I made a new winter playlist (below) that has been the background sound for all of these projects and random thoughts. The middle of the playlist it's pretty pop-ish and upbeat to make cloudy days seem more like a special occasion. I also picture this playlist being good to listen to while road tripping or snowboarding.

And then there's the picture of Dragon, Minky and Dolly sitting at the end of the bed and enjoying a life that may go on forever. I look at them now and think--How does one say to a small child, "These toys are Mommy's"


  1. I love your music. Thank you for sharing! I have a hard time finding new songs and artists to listen to so this came at the right time. Also, I'd like to see the shelf in white, but it looks nice in lght blue too.

  2. I read through all your blahs. I think you'll know what's right for your space with the bookshelf. I love DIY so I'm looking forward watching your process with the new items. Nice to see signs of Spring in your area. There are none to speak of here in Detroit yet.

  3. The bookcases are lovely, I'll look forward to seeing if you decide to change one of them though. Books are stuffed in wherever they fit here, we always seem to have more books than shelves. I'm laughing about your toys. I have a bear of my very own that the littlest boy likes to play with sometimes. Just so long as he remembers that it's mine... Wishing you guys a very goo weekend. CJ xx

  4. I love that bookshelf! It's so cute, but if you feel like painting it, paint it! I bet you'll love it even more:) Also, that wave coat rack for your little is just adorable:) Happy weekend!

  5. I like the bookcase like it is, but I think a glossy white will be pretty too. :)

  6. I love the bookcase! I've had the hardest time finding one I like for my baby.

    I'm listening to your playlist right now. I love that you have Lord Huron and Zee Avi on it :)


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