Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wrapping Paper Angels

~A few weeks ago I posted a kind of embarrassing Thanksgiving video from my childhood, then asked if anyone would be interested in sharing a favorite holiday memory with us. I love seeing all the ways people enjoy and celebrate this season. If you have a holiday memory you'd like to contribute, e-mail me at (devonkh(at)gmail(dot)com) (written this way to avoid spam). So far, we've had a story from Maria and here's one from my friend and college roommate, Nicole. ~

Hi Dev,  

Here is my Christmas memory and a few pics for your pleasure :)

Each year on Christmas morning in the Bernardo house we would patiently watch each person open their gifts. Dad, Mom, Eric, Lauren and Me. Each year the order would change, but the grand finale stayed the same. I don't know how it all started, but we continued it faithfully until our adult years. Once everyone was done unwrapping their gifts, we gathered all the paper and bows together and each of us would take a turn leaping into the pile like it was freshly raked crispy orange, yellow and red leaves. We would roll around or make "snow" angels, and no matter what our move was, we would always snap a quick picture before the next person had their turn. I love the pictures we have from these moments. I especially love seeing the gifts in the background and the pajama fashions of the year.


  1. We used to dive into our wrapping paper too! On Christmas we always make cinnamon rolls and light all the candles in the living room. Thanks for bringing back good memories!

  2. I love reading all those thanksgiving/Christmas memories! There's also something about old school photos that just reminds me of home and family time, it's so lovely!


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