Thursday, December 18, 2014

December Sponsor News

Welcome new sponsors! 

Flowstate is a collective of conscious adventurers, passionate about giving others the tools to re-connect with themselves, and with the natural world that we are part of. We love blending ancient wisdom and modern science, with adventure sports to deliver journeys into the mind and out into nature. Flowstate are running uniquely awesome Adventure Retreats that feature yoga, meditation as well as surfing and snowboarding in some of the most epic spots around the world. Check out their Surf & Freedive trip to the Maldives and the Snowboard Yoga retreat in Japan.

February: Australia- SUP Yoga

March: Japan- Snowboard + Yoga
September: Maldives- Surf + Yoga

*Use the code: mermaid20 to get 20% any of the above mentioned trips through the end of the month!*

Hippo Sweat you may ask…what is that?

We have created an all natural and vegan friendly sun block for your face (nose, lips, ears). We are a passionate start up from San Diego with a background in surfing, running and swimming. We believe there is a hole in the market for a great, affordable, all natural and organic sunscreen. We believe the answer is Hippo Sweat. Did you know in the wild “Hippo Sweat” contains SPF? It’s a natural compound that a hippo uses to clean any cuts and protect itself from the sun. We created an FDA tested sunscreen that is 24 SPF, has full broad spectrum protection and is waterproof up to 80 minutes. We use it every day in the activities we are most passionate about and would love you to try it.

*Use the code:  mermaid30 to get 30% Hippo Sweat products! 

The Fin Ban is a wrist or ankle warn silicone band imbedded with Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets that disrupts the natural hunting electroreceptor sensor organs, called the Ampullae of Lorenzini, in ocean going predator fish. Our patented manufacturing process uses only surgical grade silicone and Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets cut to specific dimensions to produce a light weight, easily carried protection for your beach adventure. All bands have been thoroughly tested and conform to all current safety standards for both the wearer and the ocean animals we respect. Read the FinBan FAQs.

Welcome back to these awesome sponsors!

Matsumoto Studio is a handmade design + paper goods shop created by sisters Jen and Jes. Check out the new handmade beach themed Christmas ornaments and 2015 Calendars

This, Too is an adventure log by Kari, an optimist on a quest for inspiration, adventure and vintage-y goodness. DIY Projects!

JettyGirl is an online women's surf magazine. Get up close and personal with today's female surfers. Email Chris to have your own surf photo shoot in Southern California with one of the best in the business! 

Pom Pom is the first surf, skate and snow wax company for girls. All natural wax for your surf or snowboard. 

Dakine builds backpacks, bags, gloves and accessories for surf, skate, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and wind and kite surfingEverything they design and build is all about quality. 

Daphne's is a Greek restaurant featuring food that feeds mind, body and soul. Check out their new menu items and locations!

Roxy brings inspiration to girls to dream big and have fun in and out of the water. Roxy Snow collection lookbook

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