Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving on Tape

A couple of years ago my dad transferred a bunch of old home videos onto DVDs and external hard drives. I was feeling kind of sick this morning, walking around like I had ice skates on, barely able to lift my feet, so I thought I'd feel better watching a few. I found the above clips at about 8:30 in the morning and was laughing loud enough to wake my nocturnal neighbor up and crying all over my sleeves watching them by myself (even though there's nothing all that earth-shatteringly interesting about the clips). 

The first clip in this video is from Thanksgiving at my Nonny's house. It was the first one after Poppy passed and also Maddie's first Thanksgiving ever. I like my cousin Michelle's comments about money. The last clip demonstrates our obsession with American Girl dolls. Poor dad. He's a good sport filming them "dancing". 

The other point of this post is to see if any of you would like to share a holiday memory here too. Last Christmas I really liked reading the holiday stories shared by Tale of a Mermaid sponsors and a lot of people I ran into in real life mentioned how much they enjoyed reading them. So... does that sound fun? If it does to you, then you should do it! Send a sentence or a few paragraphs about a favorite holiday memory of yours, along with a picture, to: devonkh{at}gmaildotcom (written this way to avoid spam). I think they'll be a nice way to get in the spirit of this season. (p.s. If you have any Thanksgiving memories you'd like to share, be sure to send them soon! :) 


  1. All of those girls! Little Devon is SO sweet. And the baby's expression is priceless. You've given me a smile. CJ xx

  2. I have such warm feelings watching this. The video of you and your sisters is classic. I love a busy house around the holidays.

  3. How awesome, so great that he was able to transfer them like that. Like your Thanksgiving ideas as well. And hope you feel better too!

  4. this is way too cute. Adorable. Totally made me giggle. I emailed you one of my favorite memories. Just thinking about it makes me shake my head. :)

  5. This is SO sweet, Devon! This video is priceless and so wonderful to be able to look back on:)


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