Monday, November 3, 2014

Dia de los Muertos

It felt appropriate to observe the day of the dead this year. I like the idea of celebrating those who have passed, even though we might still be mourning. In this case, both of the people we loved and lost lived fulfilled lives and were surrounded by people who loved them before they 'went to the other side', or however you want to say it. I think that's important to celebrate too. 

On Saturday the waves were crap, but I got a skeleton costume at TJ Max for $10 so I had to paddle out and honor those we love who have died in my own way. It was one of those days where the light kept changing because of all the clouds being pushed past the sun by the wind. I had a wedding to get to, too, so it was important I didn't get my hair wet! At least I kept the top dry.

The other day when I paddled out, pelicans kept swooping past me. Once I was taking off on a wave and they flew up and over me. I think I impeded their flight path. Then a few others flew so close I could almost touch their wing tips with my extended hand. The third time it happened I especially took notice. Before Grandpa passed we told him to send us a sign. Maybe he was visiting me as a pelican that day. I did paint him a picture of a sailboat with pelicans flying by once. 

How do you celebrate those who have passed?

p.s. Thank you for your very thoughtful words for our family. 


  1. Love it! Awesome little way of honoring the day.

  2. I love the image of you flying over the sea with the pelicans. It's beautiful out there, I can see why you love it so. CJ xx

  3. It's amazing to me that you managed to surf without getting your hair wet! You are amazing! Also, I love that you had this day of your own way of remembering the dead.

  4. Hey I'm sorry about your family, I've been there the mourning yet celebrating a life its tough! Hope you're doing ok!!
    I've been watching the surf in your pictures does it get smaller this time of year? We are having crazy storm surf in Durban, it washed all the concrete bollards onto the walkway and all the sand away from the roots of the trees, we have big surf there regularly but not like this its been crazy, guys being towed in and stuff- just thought I would share:)

    1. Your comment about the surf made me laugh because usually the waves get bigger this time of year as we head towards winter. Actually we have had some decent swells, but I guess I've only managed to capture most of the small, in between days lately. The storm you described sounds intense! Thanks for sharing. I always love hearing about storms and weather.


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