Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The first two pictures were taken on the exact same day as today, two years ago. I actually didn't surf at all this weekend. My right rotator cuff was flaring up and, even though I said I was going to paddle out both mornings, walking around limp-armed gathering my spring suit and swallowtail board, I mostly just laid on the couch icing my arms and watching American Horror Story.

Elizabethone of my favorite bloggers, wrote "There is a time to work your ass off, and there's a time to be still and listen."  It kept me from feeling guilty about lying around recuperating. 

My sister Maddie and I talked on the phone for almost an hour on Friday night. She said she was going to meet her boyfriend and some of their friends at a restaurant that had beer taps in the middle of the tables and then finish the night at a club disguised as a barber shop. I said Scott and I would probably heat frozen pizza and watch a Hocus Pocus, because how many nights of our lives do we have to do that? Literally all of them. 

As an act of pure social bravery I asked Scott to text this really cool couple we met the night before at a surf movie premier for my new sponsor Dakine. They live three blocks over. After dinner at a restaurant in our neighborhood, we went for drinks at the bar down the street, then for a swim in the ocean and wound up back in our house at four in the morning. I texted my cousin and sisters something about how much I love Chinese food and then became hysterical Saturday morning when I realized it and admitted to them that I was currently lying on my couch watching puppets make a burrito on some new-school version of Pee Wee's Playhouse. 

Scott and I did skate to a taco shop for lunch, but I guess stillness on Saturday was necessary for more than one reason. 

That night we watched a creepily true, but exciting mystery movie called Zodiac to get into Halloween celebration mode. Have you seen it? 

This morning I went to get a deep tissue massage from a masseuse down the street to resolve the issue with my shoulder. She said "I need you to lie still and let go so I can stretch your arms." I pictured the African rag doll sitting at the end of my bed and tried to mimic her. Even at something like a massage, I still have this desire to be "good" at it. The masseuse said "There you go. Sometimes the hardest part is for people to be still and let go." 

p.s. thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and emails on my Friday post about writing. They have been a huge source of encouragement to me.

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  1. Heating up frozen pizza and watching Hocus Pocus sounds like my kind of night:) I read what Elizabeth said, too, and found it profoundly relevant. Just like there are nights to stay in instead of going to a club, there are times when it's nice to slow down and not feel guilty about it. I always have such a feeling of having to push it to the next level, but it's nice to just be still for a while. Hope your shoulder is feeling better:)

  2. Such a lovely picture of you on the sofa. And a really pretty bowl. Glad you had such a good night out. CJ xx

  3. A night like that with my other have is all I really want because of our busy life with kids! Actually I could use a night on the town as well because I've been in a hospital bed the last week! So I guess it's fare to say I need both right now!

  4. I love a good night in, they can be just as much fun as good night's out with friends; it's nice to see you had a bit of both! I totally agree that there is definitely a time to be busy and a time to be still; if we were busy all the time, we'd burn out and if we were still all the time, we'd get fat and lazy :) Hope you're having a great week, Devon x


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