Monday, September 8, 2014

Norbert and San-o

I decided this board needed a new paint job. 
Daphne's for dinner=no camping dishes + good grinds
Scott thinks this looks like a dragon roaring fire :)
I think the Dakine sticker is a little crooked 
neck beard to protect my ears from the wind (scott was very embarrassed)

In the past when we've set our tent up, I've been in some half daydream following what Scott tells me. But one night when we were in Oregon, we came back from a hike to find a policeman standing next to our tent. He said we had pitched it on private property and we said we were sorry, but that our local friend had told us about the spot. Then he said the owner of the land used to allow people to camp on that cliff above a cove until a girl tied a rope swing to a tree there and landed on a broken stump while testing it out. The girl had to be transported to the hospital along with the stump, he said, and even though she made a full recovery, local law enforcement had stepped in to keep people off the not-so-secret private land. 

That day we had to set up and take down our tent twice, and ever after that I knew exactly how to put it together. This is important because on Friday I had to set up the tent all by myself at this spot called Trails while Scott was still at work. We decided to camp there for one night to surf the new swell from a hurricane called Norbert. A lady was laughing at me with a glass of red wine in her hand because my tarp kept blowing away, but eventually I figured it out. We surfed San Onofre in the morning.

Heavy older men and their twelve year olds were out riding ten toes over the nose all the way to rocks on the beach. Girls were wearing the most stylish wetsuits. There was a Airedale dog standing next to the shower in the morning. I made Scott come and pet him. Almost every wave reformed on the inside. I surfed ok, Scott surfed great. Kinda like the day we got engaged at this same spot :)

Hope you had a nice weekend too! 

board painting notes:
 remove the wax, lightly sand, clean it with acetone, spray paint the whole thing white, spray paint the whole thing tie dye green and yellow, apply 2-3 coats, allow it to dry for a few hours outside (note: this time pictured was a touch-up because I did a crappy job when I originally did this 2-3 years ago). 


  1. "Norbert"! ha ha ha, that's just silly! The waves look so inviting, beautiful pics~ I would love to get to San Onofre sometime!

  2. Your board turned out awesome! Love the colors you chose. But I really love how you created a neck beard for yourself. Genius! I need to try that, because it gets super windy around here. Way to go setting the tent up yourself. Those can be so tricky, especially alone. You sure showed that cackling lady drinking her wine all hoity-toity:) How cool to be able to visit the spot you got engaged. Sounds like a really special place:)

  3. Um the neck beard is the best. I think I'll give it a try since my ears ache from cold winds!


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