Monday, July 21, 2014

"Summer Teeth"

notebook from Matsumoto Studio

We are home from our Oregon road trip (as you may have guessed from these pictures of our house). My car smells like firewood and bananas. 

I'm listening to this song on Pandora by the Arctic Monkey's. I thought it said "summer's in your teeth," but it said "something's in your teeth". It got me thinking that at the end of it all, I hope it feels like summer's stuck in my teeth.

Scott and I went to the beach at home yesterday and today. On our first day back, I was hoping the waves and water temps would convince me beyond any doubt that it was good to be here and not traveling through Oregon anymore, but the waves were terrible. It didn't really matter though, I still wound up persuaded. 

Today the waves were smaller still, but better. I love those kind of days where you and the waves feel like you're playing together.

The limes and the plumeria decided to bloom while we were gone. I have to smell the plumeria everyday because I know those flowers don't last very long. I have to check on the limes every day to make sure the ants "squatting" on the land, aren't trying to take over. 

The last picture above is of winter squash stuffed with kale, red peppers, garlic and onions, sprinkled with a little sea salt, butter and olive oil. We had it at our neighbor's house last night. I can't take credit, but I'm definitely going to try to make it and maybe even bring it to something for other people to try (doing that always makes me nervous even though I post recipes here for you all the time). 

Also, I thought you might find these pictures amusing. 
I didn't realize how close Scott was to me. Luckily not closer or he might've of ended up with some other kind of summer teeth! Our friend Nick saw this all go down and said "You should really smile for the camera!" 


  1. Such great shots. In love with them 😘

  2. beautiful...also summerteeth is a wilco album...if you don't know it, you may like.

  3. How awesome is that 4th photo?! #actionshot I love the idea of having summer 'stuck in your teeth'; I wish I could manage that even though I really do love autumn, or Fall as you call it :) I've had an awesome summer so far and really did not want to come back to work yesterday. I made it through the first day though and I have every intention of hanging onto that summer feeling so winter doesn't creep up on me too quickly! xx

  4. So love these photos and I LOVE that kitchen. Great idea for a backsplash.

  5. Glad you're safely home and happy to be back. CJ xx

  6. I love the idea of summer getting stuck in your teeth. It sure would provide something sweet and savory for when it gets cold here:) I always love coming home from a trip. It's nice to see everything through new eyes and find comfort in your space. Scott sure did get some expert close ups! I bet the plumeria smells amazing:)


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