Monday, June 23, 2014

How to Make a Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

I bought a book and a baby beach outfit to give to my friend Stephanie at her baby shower this weekend (although, she wanted a barbecue with friends rather than a traditional shower, which inevitably led to the party being called a babycue, of course), but once I started reading through the book, I wasn't as stoked on it as I originally had been when I read an excerpt online, so we decided to make a beer bottle opener instead. The perfect gift for the baby! Of course. Scott made one for his dad, too and now we need one for our backyard, because they are fun toys for adults. Here are the steps (written by Scott), if you'd like to make one for yourself:

Any old board
Mason Jar
Hose Clamp
Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
Mounting Bracket to hang it on a wall

1. Line up bottle opener in the center, near the top of the board. 
2. Secure bottle opener with provided screws, pre drill holes if you have an old board to avoid splitting the wood. 
3. The mason jar should be placed 8-10" directly below the opener so caps will fall into the jar, leave enough room in between so a bottle will still fit in the opener. 
4. Attach hose clamp to the bottle with the screw off to the side so it is easily accessible to loosen and remove the jar to empty it. 
5. Once the jar is lined up, remove the clamp and mark with a sharpie on the back of the clamp, where you will attach it to the board. 
6. Drill a hole through the clamp on your mark to allow a screw pass through it to attach it to the board.
7. Attach the hose clamp to the board with a screw through the hole you just made. 
8. Now you can re-attach the mason jar to the clamp by tightening the screw/nut on the side of the clamp. 
9. Test it out and try to make the cap in the jar. It should fall directly into the jar if it is lined up properly. 
10. Get creative, you can obviously decorate it however you want and it is a good idea to do any painting before you attach any of the hardware. 


  1. Best present ever! I love how you decorated them. I need to make one of these for our house...

  2. My husband would like this.

  3. It is literally up in the nursery!! Two reasons: 1-matches perfectly. 2-I love saying "the bottle opener is in the nursery" :o) you two are so creative!

  4. This is awesome!!! I love how they both turned out! :)

  5. The perfect gift! I love the way the bottle tops are balloons. Brilliant! CJ xx


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