Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Cove

you take my breath away, but sometimes I wish you didn't

Garibaldi, the California state fish, on the run
Sante Fe Spinach Wraps (the recipe is below)
Danielle's boyfriend Matt, my dad and Scott lookin' stressed on my Dad's birthday
They have a whole island of their own here. It's as big as our neighborhood, but the sewage system is crap.
a fish's eye view
a bird's eye view
"why the hell would I need a picture of 
sea ya later
I prefer fresh fish and free food and long squawks on the beach...hah
the water housing is pretty heavy, but I like to try to use it when I can; Scott spent half the afternoon on Saturday down here
I understand Ariel's dilemma (although I couldn't ditch my dad for another world)
the fishermen on the boat across the way dared Matt to jump off the top of their boat since it was much taller than ours. Imagine taunting and provocation and the wringing of hands that all fortunately led to him making the landing no problem. 
"Oh, I just cheersed your camera"
the summeriest of summer food with extra butter
water, water everywhere
and not a drop to drink, so you think

The first day of our trip started with my dad annoyed on his birthday morning because we were bringing too much to Catalina and he forgot the beer. Then we hit rough seas because the south wind woke up early and Danielle got sick over the side, then slammed her finger in the back door. But the water was still salty and the sun was out and the fish were still swimming and the cooler was filled with cold drinks and it was easy to let all of that go.

That night we danced after dinner at Two Harbors with a bunch of teeny boppers and drunken sailors. My mom dripped red wine all over her white dress and owned the dance floor. 

There were a lot of scrappy looking kids running around with rainbow sherbet dried to their cheeks and sticks in their hair and I wanted to be one, but also have one...some day. While drinking the above mentioned red wine my mom suggested one of us name our future child "fire cracker" thinking it was the name of the cove we were staying in this weekend (it was really 4th of July Cove). "For short you could call him Cracker!" she explained in hysterics. I spilled wine on my shoe while laughing and hoped no one was listening. 

Maddie came Saturday on the ferry after a late night at work Friday. Her boyfriend Andy wasn't with her because he had a wedding to attend and he was missed. It's weird and wonderful how our family and the people we care about grows all the time. As my mom put it, "Now there are so many people that I need a text from to let me know they are home safely."

Saturday night we barbecued and wanted to feed the fish. My dad said you actually aren't supposed to feed them, although I pointed out that they'd probably rather be given bagels than be "grilled" or "blackened". 

On Sunday we went swimming at Emerald Bay with even my mom making a rare appearance underwater.

The ride home went really smoothly with barely a breath of wind at all and I slept three quarters of the way, which was good because my eyes were starting to twitch; a symptom of fatigue and drinking alcohol according to WebMD. Sounds about right. I hope you had a nice weekend too! And happy birthday Dad! You take us on the greatest adventures! 

p.s. here's my mom's recipe for the "Santa Fe Wraps" pictured above. Made with ❤︎ (also, we used low fat cream cheese and sour cream and spinach tortillas instead and we added avocado and black beans). 


  1. Your family sounds so entertaining and really quite unique. I was laughing out loud on my lunch break reading this.

  2. Found you on Facebook. I needed a recipe for 4th of July at my boyfriend's. thanks for this one for the wraps! I've never heard of Catalina, but now I want to visit.

    1. That's great news! I hope you like them. The picture of them isn't all that pretty, but they're good!

  3. Happiest of birthdays Frank! Glad it was a great weekend :)

  4. Your photos are wonderful, so happy and dreamy! I really, really like the underwater ones. Did you say you put a water-proof case over your normal camera?
    You seem to have a very special relationship with your parents. Never let it go, it is so precious!

    1. Yes, it's called SPL water housing >> Essentially a water proof case custom built for your camera's make and model. p.s. thanks for the advice. You are so right :)

  5. all of this sounds and looks amazing and fantastic!!

    i adore your family :)

  6. Those photos of you underwater are insane! You do look like a mermaid!

  7. Looks like the BEST time (minus the seasickness)! Those floating chairs are genius. Love all these underwater shots:) I want to tag along on one of your adventures. Now I'm singing "Under the Sea" to myself and doing the voice of Sebastian in my head:)


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