Thursday, May 29, 2014

Polaroids of Vegetarian Food

Sandwiches with hummus and guacamole instead of mayo // Mexican quinoa salad: cook quinoa, mix in a bit of taco seasoning to taste, black beans, red onion, corn, bell peppers, cheese, chopped romaine lettuce, yum
Daphne's Greek Salad // quinoa topped with homemade pasta sauce and fresh basil

These are a few recipes in our rotation lately. The Mexican quinoa salad is pretty delicious if you need to mix up taco Tuesday and whatnot.
Does it feel like summer where you live? It's getting pretty warm around here, but then again, it's been warm here since last summer, I think. I have been sneaking into my spring suit in the morning and practicing my ollie in the backyard until 8 at night, which all feels rather summery. Although, I've been practicing the ollie on a yoga mat in an effort to avoid the hospital, so I'm not really claiming that I can do it yet. I've still been a bit sore from all my activities, inspiring my new love for the foam roller. Ever tried one? Another recent inspiration is this documentary Underexposed about the marketing and support (or lack of) of female skateboarders in the industry. Enjoy this 29th day of May, my friend Cort's birthday! 


  1. Mmm, you do make delicious food Devon. Glad to see you're still practising on that skateboard. My littlest boy likes to mess around on one sometimes, I like the idea of the yoga mat to avoid hospital! Hope you guys enjoy the weekend, CJ xx

    1. Yes, give the yoga mat a try. It keeps wheels stable and gives you are softer landing. Great for learning. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, CJ.

  2. I got into the foam roller when I did my yoga teacher training, and all of us were so stupidly sore we had to take painkillers to even manage to walk to the studio the following morning. I need to start using it again!

    Also meant to say I've been loving all your skateboarding posts these past few months! (daily reader but flakey commenter, sorry) I randomly got into SB around Christmas and was so happy when you started posting about it around the same time.

    Off to make that brown rice salad this weekend, it's been on my to do list since you first mentioned it..

    1. Hi Advah,

      What a sweet note! Thank you for reading. And thanks for taking the time to write a note to say hello! I'm stoked to hear you're into skateboarding too. Yesss. It's so fun! I can't believe it took me this long to really get in to going, you know? I hope you're having a nice day and I hope you like he salad :)


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