Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mexican Habits

Rhythms and habits are hard to break, but not impossible. 
What's more challenging is to remember this wild life we created while we were away and not want it back.

My finger nails were always dirty there.
Sometimes I didn't brush my teeth for the full two minutes.
I never drank out of the tap or watched TV. 
I woke up every morning before seven and sat in my bed trying to decide if I wanted surfing to be work or play.
I drank tequila in the afternoon.
I didn't turn on my phone for four days and if hadn't been for my mother and Phil's international T-Mobile plan, we wouldn't have even known there was concern about a tsunami.
I left beans in their open can in the fridge. Normally, I always use glass or tupperware.
I didn't go outside much after dark for fear of mosquitos.
I learned something new about Basia every day.
When I went in to the bathroom, I reached for the light switch next to the door, but it was behind it. 
"Mexican construction," our host had explained.
When I came home, I knew I was going to reach for the light switch behind the door, instead of beside it. If our bathroom had been the same shape, I probably would have.
Habits change.
And that is vacation to me.

{+Our accommodations were provided by The Osprey San Pedrito
+I highly recommend eating at Hierbabuena, the organic restaurant pictured above which is down the street from The OspreyThe ingredients for the food, including homemade soups, fresh squeezed orange juice margaritas and wood fired pizzas, are all harvested from the garden that surrounds you as you eat. 


  1. Oh Mexico, such a magical place. And your description of an American girl's time there is perfect. Lovely photos by the way ;).



  2. thanks Michaela! I agree, it is a magical place

  3. Beautiful photos Devon. It sounds utterly magical. Glad you are back safely. CJ xx

    1. Thanks CJ! I'm glad to be back too, I think ;)

  4. Looks like a beautiful vacation! That salsa is making my mouth water. It's so true about habits changing when you go on a trip. Interesting observation that I've never really though about!

    1. every time I look at that picture I want chips and salsa!

  5. I love these photos, they are so vibrant and colourful!
    And your list of little things that are different when on holidays is lovely. So many I would have never thought of, but that are spot on!


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