Saturday, April 5, 2014

Little Things: Mexico

The truth is, I thought we'd have the internet. I thought I would post and share some thoughts with you while we were in Mexico with Basia and Phil. The other truth is, I'm not that sad it didn't happen. As with just about anything, some time away can be good. I think, in a lot of ways, that was the theme from this trip. 

Time away from Scott in the beginning while he was at a bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta gave me sleepless nights and a fervent longing for him at almost every moment (I swear, the sun didn't seem as bright), but I also appreciated him more. Traveling with all our surf crap by myself was stressful, sweaty, hard work. Dealing more with the money side of things (something he has mostly taken charge of since I cried over our tax forms three years ago while recounting and blaming terrible memories from middle school math) was a challenge, but the good kind. The general sentiment of "I need space" I was kind of giving my family before I left was quickly followed by a small hidden homesickness I wasn't expecting. But that was the good kind too, I think. 

I am always led back to the general theme of gratitude, which is what this series is about. Here are some of the little things we found in Mexico...


+ we had a killer picture of Basia holding a blue shot glass of tequila in the caribbean-colored waters of La Paz juxtaposed with her silver and aqua marine rings, but the camera card deleted it (and all the photos from that day)...?? This one of her with another blue drink isn't so bad, though. 
+Scott picked his favorite little thing to be his swim fins. Two minutes after this photo was taken, he lost one to the Pacific. Good thing he just got some birthday money. 
+Phil's favorite little thing is Basia, so he tried to fit her in his hand :)

p.s. thank you for all your sweet notes and comments while I was gone! I will try to write back soon :) 
p.p.s. The Osprey San Pedrito helped sponsor this adventure. I miss that new little home already. 

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  1. What beautiful photos Devon, as all of your photos always are. You really are such a talented photographer, your pictures are always fresh and amazing. I'm glad you had such a good time, and I'm glad you had a little break from the online world as well.

    1. that means a lot coming from you, but trust me, Scott is the real talent.

  2. Gorgeous photos and love that you had this time away. Isn't it funny how we crave time and space and then once we have it, we long to be back where we were before?

    1. the grass is always greener! I wish it weren't sometimes

  3. "a fervent longing for him at almost every moment (I swear, the sun didn't seem as bright), but I also appreciated him more" I totally get this! I miss hubby so much whenever we are apart, but when we're back together we have so much more to talk about! I think engaging in different activities keeps things fresh, plus I don't think I'd ever want him to miss out on doing something he loves just to spend time with me... giving up the things that make him him wouldn't be good for him, or our relationship! I've had some unscheduled time away from the online world this week (thank god for scheduled posts) due to illness, but I wish it was because I was frolicking in Mexico ;) Glad you had a great time x

    1. It is good to have both. You have the right outlook, Laura.

  4. sometimes a break is what you really need. that sucks about the random deleting of pics from the card...
    gorgeous blue drink there.
    right now, we're attempting to grow mini sunflowers from little seedlings - they're coming along great indoors - we'll see how well they turn out once they're in the ground ;) I got no green thumb.
    great exotic thankful things.
    I'm thinking about incorporating a thankful/or little things in my little space!
    You are an inspiration, my dear.

  5. I think time away from your every day life and duties is always a good thing. Sometimes it can be hard to take that step back, so when the unavailability of the internet forces you to, then that's a sign:) It seems like you had a great trip! That sucks, though, that your memory card erased some of your pictures. I'm always scared of that. It's so sweet you missed Scott so much. Sometimes I get so used to having Wade around that when he's gone or I have to pick up the slack that he usually handles, I feel just how big the impact he has made on my life. It's a nice reminder:) I wish I was drinking that blue drink right now!


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