Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dot and Army Cloth Napkin Giveaway!

Last night Scott and I had to clean out a property we manage. We had both worked all day and I've been a little under the weather since we got back from our trip, but we ordered pizza and had a picnic on the floor before we got to work. It made the whole thing seem more like a party than a punishment (and so did some good music). I was so happy to have my Dot and Army napkins on hand because one thing I really don't like about takeout is the wasteful paper goods and utensils that can come from it. I set a beach towel on the floor, put the pizza in the middle and we each took a colorful napkin for a plate. The only trash was the recyclable pizza box (and a bunch of candle wax on the floor that someone left behind...). 

Today Jennifer from Dot and Army is giving away $50 to her shop! And there are some really cute things in there. 
Pictured above: 1) White Seersucker and Cloth Napkins 2) Shades of Blue 3) Floral Bundle 4) Striped Ticking Cocktail Napkins 
Enter below... 

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  1. These are so cute! I definitely need to leave less of a paper towel footprint, and these would be the perfect way to start:)

  2. These are so cute it would be hard to choose which ones to get!


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