Monday, December 2, 2013

Vitamix Giveaway!

Just a few weeks ago I was talking about how much I love cooking with our Vitamix and today I get to give one away with the following food bloggers...

These are my favorite things about the Vitamix:

+The cell walls of fruits and vegetables that wouldn't normally break with chewing alone are ruptured with the Vitamix blender, making it easy for your body to absorb all of the valuable nutrients. 

+Unlike a juicer, it doesn't discard plump that is filled with nutrients.
+It has a powerful motor that can grind nuts into flower or nut butter or grind grains into flour.
+You can make raw soups and dips (it heats ingredients while blending)
+It has a 7 year warranty 
+It's really easy to clean

Below are the food bloggers participating. Take a few minutes to check out their blogs and then register to win your own Vitamix!
Good luck!… (and I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!)

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  1. Oh my word! This is the best giveaway ever!

  2. THANK YOU, a Vitamix is my single Christmas Gift blender's ten settings stopped working (except for pulse, go figure!) from making so many smoothies. Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. BEST GIVEAWAY OF ALL TIME!!!! This really will come in handy for butternut squash soup (and everything else under the sun!)

  4. This is awesome!! I hope I win:) p.s. I'm hosting my first giveaway on my blog today, and I'm nervous about driving enough traffic to it. Stop by if you have a minute:)

  5. Such an awesome giveaway! I love vitamix blenders!


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