Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Memories + Shopping Special

I asked Tale of a Mermaid sponsors to share a favorite holiday memory of theirs, but many of them have shared discount codes for their shops too!

Kari from This, Too the blog and & This, is Found Here her shop for handmade headbands, necklaces and hairpins

"One of my best memories of Christmas as a kid was lugging my Fisher Price record player up from the basement, plugging it in under the brightly lit tree, and playing my Cabbage Patch Christmas record incessantly for weeks. It was like I was in a trance, watching the record go round and round, muttering to myself about how Christmas was a "happy hoop-de-do", as my brother and sister yelled for me to make it stop. Not surprisingly, the next year my record player was mysteriously broken. The record has since come out on iTunes, so the holidays are saved!"

Discount code: Mermaid15 for 15% off an order at This, is Found Here which will run through Friday, December 20th.

Maddy from Marolsha: a nature inspired vintage jewelry shop
"Memories... while living in Toronto, Canada I have very fond memories of lying in the fresh cold snow creating snow angels. I loved getting exited to see snow fall for the first time and especially when it came Christmas Eve and morning. I also love going for walks around the neighborhood during the holidays to see the beautiful decorated houses and light displays." 

Discount code: marolsha15 at Marolsha until Friday December 13th. 

Jennifer from Dot & Army: a one of a kind handmade cloth napkins made from vintage and eco-friendly fabrics.

"One favorite memory of mine is from last year. Watching my boys' faces as Santa walked by them at our family's Christmas Eve get together. They looked at him with pure amazement. It was so great seeing that and remembering the magic of this time of year."

Discount code: HAPPYMERMAID for 15% off her website or Etsy shop

Bri from SanBriego: a fitness, food and fashion blog written in America's finest city.
"Christmas Eves were always really special for us when I was growing up in Connecticut. Year after year, as soon as it got dark out we would put on our winter coats, head out to Dunkin Donuts to pick up some hot chocolates and drive around to look at all the lights that the people in town had put up. Then we'd come home and watch our favorite Christmas movie, "Prancer" before bed. Living in San Diego now, I miss those traditions but I definitely don't miss the cold!"

Check out Bri's post on Restoring a Thrifted Teak Bar

Sarah from Pom Pom: the first surf, skate and snow wax company for girls. 
"Hands down, one of my all time-favorite holiday memories is from when I was about 9 or 10 years old and I got a brand new pair of Kastle skis for Christmas with Tyrolia bindings. Being one of 4 kids, I was a hand-me-down kid, so to get my own pair of new skis was a HUGE thing. I was so psyched. There is an old VHS tape somewhere at my parents' house that captured the moment. :)"

Sam from Sam En Croute: recipes, pretty pictures, adventures. 

"I would say my favorite holiday memory is listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio with my family. We've listened to this album every year since I was born, and every time I hear it I think of Christmas Eve at my dad's house. Sort of like when you wear an old perfume and the smell floods your mind with memories."

Check out Sam's post on How to Build a Cheese Plate

Jes from Matsumoto Studio design + paper goods by sisters Jen and Jes.

"One of my favorite holiday memories is going to different family and friends' homes, eating good local food and lighting fireworks on New Year's Eve. In Hawaii, New Year's is one of the biggest and best family holidays and full of tradition. It's something that I miss the most about being away from home but also something I really look forward to when I am lucky enough to go home for the holidays."

Discount code: mermaid15 for 15% at Matsumoto Studio!

What's a favorite holiday memory of yours?


  1. Happy holidays, baby girl! So happy to sponsor you. I hope you get to surf, see your family and eat good food these last few weeks of December!

  2. What lovely holiday memories from everyone. Such a great post Devon.

  3. Oh, I love this post. Wonderful memories! And such great blog finds too! Thank you for sharing Devon.

    Maria @ The Good Life

  4. I have a post about a holiday tradition I want to carry on once our little one is born next year that is going up this week. I loved reading each of your sponsor's childhood holiday memories!


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