Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tuesday 10-22-13

Today is the first day I didn't have little buddy on a Tuesday in almost two years. I have my first day with a new little guy tomorrow. For a while I just lay in bed, even though I have things I need to do. Dealing with an issue related to my property management job is at the top of that list. I watch the Today show for a while. I recall it being on most mornings when I was growing up and, although my parents watch CBS News now, it still seems like what I should do to start my day. 

I decide to do art next. I want to explore my creative mind more. I feel I'm always grasping for a creative enlightenment I never quite seem to reach. A part of me is happy about that. If you really arrived at your creative boundary that would probably be really depressing. I'm actually not sure such a thing exists. I think you can always grow as a person, forever.

There's a fine point pen I need to buy to finish my drawing of a hot air balloon. I decide to drive to the art shop down the road. I pick out a black pen with a .08 felt tip. I draw with it for a minute on provided test paper, putting the pen through a bit of a trial before I decide if it's the one for the job. It is. When I pay, the girl says "Can I tell you something kind of weird?" I'm nervous, but curious to hear what it is. She says "You smell like the Caribbean." None of the options I considered were even close.  I laugh a little and she wonders if it's perhaps because of my shampoo. I tell her I haven't showered today and we both awkwardly laugh. Then she says, "Well that's good then". 

Next, I go to CVS to pickup a few things. The only people in the store are me, the workers and an elderly couple looking at candles. I'm used to waiting in a line so long I can usually get through my whole instagram feed, but today I stroll right up to the pharmacy counter. As I leave, I decide to go down the holiday isle so I can be surrounded by the Halloween decorations, but they have already been replaced with Christmas ornaments and trees. What a bunch of crap. 

On the way home, I notice things in my town I've never seen before. The coffee shop sells boiled peanuts? Are those any good?

Then I'm home and I feel the urge to write this all down. It's an ordinary day, but that makes it all the more likely to fizzle away in my mind. I don't want it to. I like this day so far. It's random, but typical. I'm on my own schedule. On my own adventure, in a way.


  1. I love your drawing! It is beautiful. You're in my head drawing all my favorite things--whales and hot air balloons:) It seems like a great creative outlet. Keep it up, because I love seeing your artwork:)

  2. i tried to draw. and failed. hahaha
    gosh, i just LOVE your home. looks so homey and warm.

  3. boiled peanuts are delicious! the best are the kinds you'll get in the south.

  4. seriously, boiled peanuts?
    i could eat them year round.
    my grandparents used to grow them.
    they make me think of dirt, and the south.
    i love that you use the same kind of water jar that i do!
    there are 2 11x14 canvases in my closet just begging for my four year old and I to paint.
    we just may do that now.

  5. love love the hot air baloon! and no boiled peanuts are not good

  6. I adore that hot air balloon drawing! And there's just something special about an ordinary day. P.S. I spy your stuffed animals. :)

  7. What a lovely post. Ordinary days are utterly wonderful I think. I love what you say about creativity. I always feel like I'm brimming with ideas, if only there was more time. But if that feeling ever ended I think I'd be bereft. Your drawing is great, it reminds me of early balloons. I've just ordered some decent watercolour paints for my middle boy for that day in December whose name I shall not mention in October. I think it's worth giving children quality materials, and hopefully then they will enjoy creating, and keep on doing it even when they're grown up. I hope your new nannying job goes well Devon. And have a good weekend. Wishing you lots of big waves.

  8. Dev, I love this! I love hearing your thoughts. Such a peaceful post!

  9. I love how you've captured your day. It's those seemingly ordinary moments that always seem to reveal something a bit more. I also love that you are exploring your creative side a bit more. Love your drawing!

  10. I love that comment/compliment she told you, "You smell of the caribbean". Very colorful. And I like these thoughts and bits of your day; these small serene or quick moments we all have that I myself never thought to share on a blog. Thanks for the inspiration. By the way your drawing is awesome. Yes, how could we ever reach an end to exploring our creativity however many ways we express it or play around with it, whether gardening, surfing art, anything! :)


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