Friday, September 20, 2013

Thankful Things

Parts of yesterday straight sucked. I will get to that, but there's still so much to be thankful for. 
This week I'm thankful for...

1. and 2. Surfing for making me fly and fall and feel free and like myself (and on and on and on).
3. Decorating the house for company (do you ever need people to come over to motivate you to finish projects? We made this heart with branches from our pittosporum tree. Easy and free!)
4. For the waves that came back and came from the north.
5. For bees and trees that are pesticide free.
6. Starting some painting projects. I'd never call myself an artist, but I really love art. I miss being assigned art projects like in school, but I've finally motivated myself to start some on my own again.
7. For my home and my freedom. I can always be thankful for that.
8. For this little guy and his little feet. Even if I don't know him forever, he will always be responsible for helping me learn how to take care of people.
9. I'm thankful for changes, even though sometimes they are so hard to embrace.
10. For Scott because he is inspiring and patient and loving and he really gets it (and on and on and on).
11. (not pictured) for my family and funny stories

How about you?

p.s. find my wetsuit on


  1. I LOVE your painting!! You are so talented! I would definitely hang that on my wall proudly:) I'll assign you an art project--make me one:) I do know what you mean, though, about missing being in school and being required to do projects. Sometimes it was a pain, but other times it was the motivation you needed to do something you wouldn't normally do. I always love your thankful lists. That heart you made with the tree branches is just perfect for your room and makes it a sweet and personal focal point. You're on a roll with cool projects!

  2. I am very thankful from the fact that I'm getting foot surgery (that is a good thing) to my job, to my adorable (if I say so myself) pups. They are crazy and make me laugh so hard!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  3. Thank *you* for this post it completely warmed me, especially with all that blue, blue, blue and for your NY outtakes. You had me laughing. And I'm pretty sure my cousin got married there about twelve or so years looks so familiar! Happy weekend!

  4. Sorry it wasn't a good day Devon. But your list and the photos are beautiful. What an utterly wonderful bedroom. And such a lovely picture you've created. Sometimes it is just knowing how to get started, to get into the routine of creating. Hope you have a good weekend and that the surf is just right for you.

  5. Aw I love the heart you made!! It's adorable!!! :)

  6. Those are some pretty great things to be thankful for. I love your painting. I miss making art and the whole creative process too. And love your bedroom! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. just to let you know: your life makes me think of the band Walk Off The Earth.
    and there's that.
    your stuff always makes me smile.
    even the sucky stuff can't overshadow all you have to be thankful for, friend.

  8. Yes, yes, you should definitely tap back into your creative side. That whale painting is great! Love that you and the hubby share a passion for surfing, ya'll make a great team :)


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