Friday, September 27, 2013

Every Sandal has a Story + Sseko Giveaway

     I'm am so honored and excited to share today's giveaway with you because this giveaway isn't only about a product I really love, it's for a cause I really believe in (and I have a feeling you will too). 

     Last night, Scott and I went to Daphne's for dinner, but on the way there we stopped at this little plot of land that embodies so much of what natural coastal California is to me-desert plants thriving in the dryness right next to expansive waterways. I wore my new Sseko sandals and Scott took a few photos. That's my story and this is their's... 

      Sseko, an ethical fashion brand located in Uganda, hires women to enable them to earn money through employment that will go directly towards their college educations. If you watched the video above (and I recommend it) you know that in an impoverished and male dominated society like Uganda's, it is challenging for female students to find jobs to help them pay for their schooling. And, although they are driven and qualified, many young women do not continue their education because they can't afford it. Sskeo offers a safe place for women to earn money for school, to live, to create and to be heard. 

     How the sandals work: You pick which strap or straps you want (it's nice to have a variety so you can mix it up and change them to go with the outfit you're wearing). The straps come with the sandal bottom in your specific size and then you can check out the "How-to-tie" page to style them however you want. I wore mine like the classic flip flop, tied around my ankles, but I really love the braided thong design and sidewinder slide styles too. There's so many creative ways to wear them that the sandals feel like so much more than just footwear. Also, to re-state the obvious, by supporting Sseko, you are supporting the next generation of women who will hopefully lead Uganda towards a brighter future! Yes!

     Enter below>> and if you don't win, definitely grab a pair of Sseko's for yourself or a friend or family member!

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  1. Met the wrong guy...gave him the wrong finger. But when I DO meet Mr Right, I would love some wedding sandals!

  2. They're lovely, and I do love the idea of helping women who need to support themselves through education. And the photos of you are beautiful. What a lovely spot, and such stunning light.

  3. I like the black sandals!!


  4. Wow, what an amazing company! I love the CARAMEL SADDLE TOTE and the SADDLE CLUTCH: CARAMEL!

  5. Love these sandals, love the stories.

  6. Totally want the black sandals!

  7. We took a detour on our date night last night!

    Love that last picture of you, you're a beauty. Can't wait to be a part of next month's sponsors!

  8. I love the brown sandals.


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