Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanderings of the Mind and of the Sea

I click the button on my watch to see what date it is.
I like writing the date like that, with the dashes. It reminds me of first grade.
I had a nun for a teacher then. Her name was Sister Ann, no 'e'.
I had another nun teacher in High School named Sister Anne. She spelled it with the 'e'.
She was strict, but kind. She liked me. I know that because when other kids weren't looking she helped me work out some of the math problems on the test. Was this right? I don't know. But I needed it; the help and the kindness.
A few of my other teachers growing up weren't nice to me. I'm not really sure why. That's one reason I wanted to be a good and loving teacher when I was one. I could see some of the other teachers I worked with disliked some kids more than others. I hated that. I don't know if I did enough about it then, though. I just hope the kids I worked with knew I thought they were special. Some annoyed me at times, sure, but I tried to show respect for who they were and made an effort to pass on the things I thought were useful.
One time, I ran into two of my old students at the restaurant down the street and they acted like they had never seen me before. I wonder what that was about. It actually kind of made me sad, but that's just one of those things you can't care about because no good ever comes from it.

Right now I'm sitting on my bed in the afternoon sunlight. It feels like it's been so long since I had time to do nothing but sit and reflect; to be idle enough to find these thoughts in my mind and sort through them. The batteries are running low in my i-pod speaker and the song is cracking. It makes me think about how someday even things like i-pods and batteries will be old-school or vintage or whatever.

This morning I went over to my parent's house. I surfed with Herc and George and Herc's brother, who I actually never talked to. I practiced my backside turns. The sandbar on the left made it so shallow on the inside that I practically stuck my fins in the sand on every landing. I know I've said this before, but making a good turn is one of those really small things in life that still feels like a great accomplishment even though, compared to things like getting a law degree or a promotion or having a kid, it's not that big of a deal. 

When I got out, my mom and I talked while my dad basically replanted the whole yard with flowers. My mom seems so happy to have my sisters home now; she seems like she feels more complete. My dad is as busy with house projects as ever and, even though he sometimes complains about the constant upkeep of a house by the ocean, I know he loves it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Scott won't be back from his all-dudes camping trip until Monday night, but I keep thinking about when we went sailing before he left. That was the start of me feeling present again.

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  1. Your sailing trip looks so fun! Glad you've had some time to be alone and reflect.

  2. I've wanted to surf my whole life and because I can't really swim, I never tried it. This past weekend I had my first surf lesson (in chest-deep water) and even though I only stood on the board a couple of times for about a second each THAT felt like a huge accomplishment. Now all I want to do is learn how to swim and try to stand on a board again.

  3. What a lovely post. I felt like I was sitting in the sun with you just chatting about this and that. There is indeed such satisfaction in certain little things. They are what makes contentment in life I think. The sailing trip looks wonderful. The last photo is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week Devon.

  4. I love listening to your mind wanderings. I agree with what CJ said--they make me feel like we're having a chat on the beach. Your sailing trip looks so nice and relaxing. I went on a boat this weekend, too, but it was not a pleasant experience. It was a speed boat driven by my reckless brother in law. I was literally air born for a few seconds since he was going way too fast across wakes. I've got so many bruises. The only vessel I'm going on again is a sailboat. I like the slower pace. And don't worry about those kids not saying hi to you. They were probably just embarrassed. You know how weird kids can be:)

  5. Loved the ramblings, Devon :) Enjoy the next few days with your family and taking the time to digest life, it is always such a gift to find that time! And love the photo of you on the boat - yup! PS. My cousins are living in San Diego for the summer, so I thought of you :) xo

  6. I like this post, just simple heart felt writing:)

  7. You're such a great writer. The style reminds me of some of the best authors I had time to read a lot in high school.

  8. You sound like a fantastic teacher, Devon. I'm not sure I would even have the patience for a day of what you described, but I am absolutely sure that kind of dedication left a positive impression on the kids you worked with. Even if all of their other teachers did not have the same mentality.


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