Friday, August 30, 2013

Thankful Things


     This week I'm thankful for simple moments. I guess I'm always thankful for them, but I really tried to pay attention when they came my way lately since I've been struggling a bit with the non-stop action of summer. People might be sick of me saying that, I think I'm actually sick of saying it, but it's just the truth right now. 

     Scott's sisters came to visit on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far. No one was down on the beach though. It was weird. With the small waves, it was so quiet down there; it felt like someone froze time and didn't tell us. I've still been surfing those small waves. I know a lot of people have been frustrated by August's lack of swell, or rather the Southern Hemisphere's lack of storms, but whatever, more (small) waves for me. Even at that, I can't wait for some real swell to come our way and I've allowed myself a few small fall fantasies. I try not to wish summer away with them and make efforts to keep thoughts of the upcoming season out of my mind, but lately, as it approaches, I've been getting excited about potential trips up north to the central coast and morning dawn patrols with offshore winds. I won't let my mind stay on these thoughts for long, though. I'm still trying so hard to understand how to be present and what that looks and feels like for me. Focusing on simple moments this week really helped me feel like I am at least getting a better grasp on it. 

     Today, I was washing my hands at the place where I got my haircut and I actually caught myself noticing the cool temperature of the water, what it looked like pouring out of the faucet and how right then, it was summer and my life was happy (even with the inevitable setbacks). On Saturday I noticed the steps I was taking as I walked through our neighborhood. And on our way home from Daphne's on Monday we took a detour and decided to watch the sunset on one of the last deserted dirt roads around. I was unusually aware of this moment, the musty smell of the dirt, the animals eating dinner, and even though I took a bunch of pictures, I didn't miss the sunset (I've done that before...just the other week...). Progress? I hope. I'm beginning to realize this whole being present thing probably has more to do with mindset than actually having tons of free time to absorb everything. 

How was your week? Any favorite moments (simple or otherwise)?

p.s. we're off to Chicago for a wedding. I feel like I must tell you this since you are my friends (at least I think of you that way). Happy Labor Day weekend!
p.p.s. last year at this time 
p.p.p.s (is that a thing?) more thoughts on the present


  1. I love how you talk about being present. It's something I struggle with a lot. But when certain moments hit you and you feel like you are encompassed by the sight and sound of what is directly around you, it's an amazing feeling. Hopefully things settle down for you a bit and you get to enjoy some righteous waves soon:) (not sure if righteous is the right word there, I've heard it in surfer movies, so figured that it would do:) Have a great time in Chicago, friend! And on your flight back, have the captain swing by Kansas City to say hi:)

  2. Stunning surfing photos Devon. I can feel cooler days coming; hopefully you will have some good swell soon. I struggle to be present sometimes. I can be a bit of a day dreamer, and sometimes when I'm also trying zoom around doing lots of different things my head is everywhere but here. This week was bittersweet. The last week of the school summer holidays. Lovely to be with the little people. Sad to reach the end all too soon. Oh how I wish they didn't have to go. Hope you have a good weekend Devon.

  3. You're just awesome. And I've loved following your blog. Have a great weekend!

  4. So sunny & blue!!
    I think I'd like summer a lot more if 1) I was in better shape & could pull off cute summer clothes & 2) if I wasn't so paranoid of bugs.
    Honestly... Fall is my favorite ;)
    You have some mad photography skills! I can't wait to get a decent camera.

  5. Such a poignant post! LOVE the surfing pics!!!

  6. I love that you are always so thankful for the little things. It makes me stop and think how wonderful this life can be. Thank you for the inspiration!

    A Little Bit Adrift

  7. I understand what you mean about almost wishing summer away for fall. You talking about suddenly being so aware of the moment reminds me of last summer, when I went out for one of my hour-long walks in the neighborhood. It was so hot that I suddenly felt the heat moving in waves down my back, and it felt so good. Each step and little bounce that goes with it went with the heat. Kind of like your moment with the faucet and letting yourself be aware of those truly minute things we rush.
    Beautiful post with beautiful pictures~!

  8. I love these pictures, especially the last one, so beautiful! Great post :)

  9. Thanks for this post because you really helped me take a step back and appreciate and focus on the simple things again. Life has been really crazy for me the last six months and some days I just feel like I'm holding on and certain things have just been a blur. I haven't had the chance this summer to pick up my camera in the way I'd like to which allows me to capture those simple things in life like the amazing sunsets, or even the power of the oceans waves.

  10. Life truly is about the simple things. Isn't it so interesting when you body suddenly tunes into a certain aspect of you environment??? Love when that happens :) Your photos always make me wish I lived by a beach haha. Have fun at the wedding!

  11. Beautiful! Love your blog, and your ad-which I clicked on from Story of My Life Blog!

  12. Such an inspiring post Devon. We all need this little reminder every now and then :)

  13. i love this devon. i wanna hang out with you and get some of your zen. :)

  14. I love what you say about "being present is a mindset." I really agree with this. Trying to be in an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all the little moments..the ups and the downs.



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