Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things You Should Know About Body Surfing

  • Usually your local beach break will offer up some fun body surfing waves.
  • Put your fins on near the shore or in the ocean to avoid looking like a fish out of water! 
  • After you have your fins on, kick hard with your legs to propel yourself through the water. This swimming will help work your quadriceps, calf muscles, abs, biceps, triceps and deltoids. To get past the waves, always go under them, not over.
  • As the wave approaches, swim into position, placing yourself as near to the peak as possible.
  • Put your head down and swim hard using freestyle strokes with your arms and kicking powerfully with your legs.
  • For starters, once you feel the wave pushing you, you can practice riding straight towards the beach on your belly, arching your back to keep your head up out of the water and kicking your legs in the wave. Once you feel more comfortable, you can ride onto the wave’s open face, extending your leading arm out in front of you and into the shoulder.
  • Feel how the wave is pushing you to decide if you need to speed up or slow down. The more drag you create by trailing your hands behind you or plowing your hands through the water in front of you, the slower you will go. The more you can plane onto of the wave by streamlining and planking your body, the faster you will go.
  • Picture your body like the rail of a surfboard; set it in the wave’s face.
  • As you continue to do this workout out you will see noticeable differences in your overall strength.
  • Have fun out there and be safe! Don’t forget to protect your head and neck in shallow waters.
Some good gear: the On Shore swim top and bottoms and the Beach Fever Swim top and bottoms. Good fins.  

Do you like to body surf and swim in the ocean when you're at the beach?


  1. So fun!! I can only imagine how crazy I would look attempting to do this. You make it look easy. :)

  2. I can already see myself getting wiped out every single time! This looks like sooo much fun tho. If only it was as easy as your breakdown list haha.

  3. I love swimming at the beach, but I have a hard time getting into the wave before it breaks on me. I'm going to try some of these tips

  4. I have never tried using fins or keeping my head out of the water when body surfing! I always just kicked (finless) until the wave was carrying me, then kept my head down and arms forward in a dive-like position until I got near the shore. This looks really fun though -- I am definitely going to try it!

  5. You make it sound so easy! I needed this post about three weeks ago before my holiday by the sea. I shall remember to give it a go next time I'm at a beach though. I love the idea of using something so fun as a workout. It certainly beats running.

  6. I love this! I've always wondered about body surfing so thank you. Heading to the beach soon and can't wait to try it!!

  7. Body surfing sounds like so much fun and, better yet, your steps make it sound so doable.


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