Tuesday, July 16, 2013



I love you.
I fight with you.
I tell you the truth.
I go to school with you.
I climb trees with you.
I share friends with you.
I ride bikes with you.
I laugh with you.
I use your clothes.
I like your music.
I make you mad.
I need you.
I try to influence you.
I travel with you.
I do art with you.
I listen to you.
I make you cry.
I think you are interesting.
I ride roller coasters with you.
I have the same home as you.
I become better because of you.
I don't want you to be sad.
I think you have good ideas.
I make you do my makeup.
I respect your opinions. 
I go surfing with you.
I try to help you.
I party with you.
I tell on you.
I miss you.
I like you.
I love you.


  1. this is sweet. you guys seem to have a great time together. love the pictures

  2. These pictures are amazing. Looks like you 3 have fun! What a sweet post. :)

  3. this post made me cry so hard! i just miss my sisters! they would be 6 years now and i try not to imagine how wonderful the time would be if they'd be still here. i miss them!

  4. fantastic photos and beautiful words :)

    sisters are pretty awesome!

  5. I absolutely love this! My two sisters are my best friends in the whole world. It's such a unique and special relationship. A closeness you'll never find with girlfriends. www.bettylivin.com

  6. What great photos and such beautiful words!

  7. This is so wonderful. I can't imagine who I'd be without my sister.

  8. How cute can you possibly be?? I <3 your little poem. I love my sister. Sisters are the best.

  9. What a lovely post, and absolutely wonderful pictures. It must be great to have sisters in your life. You look like you have so much fun together.

  10. You nailed it! I especially liked the one "I tell on you." Isn't that the truth? There is nothing quite like the bond of a sister. You fight and make each other cry, but would be willing to do anything for them because you love them so much. Excuse me, I've gotta go call my sister:)

  11. Sisters are the best! I don't know what I'd do without mine. These pictures are great. Love the cute bikinis!

  12. I love this! The bond between sisters truly is special. Beautiful words and pictures!

  13. You and your sisters are beautiful! And your synopsis of the relationship you have with your sisters is on point :)

  14. So cute!! I love the pictures of you all on the palm tree :) Love your blog!


  15. Sisterhood is a special bond, isn't it? :)

  16. Yes, you do make me cry. Namely right now. I love you, sister!


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